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rockwell’s urban bazaar: holiday series

Power Plant Mall, being delightfully cozy and intimate, is your best bet for a shopping experience that’s both relaxing (no crowds) and exciting (choose from a wide variety of goodies).

Located along Rockwell Drive in Makati City, it’s the ultimate in urban leisure and pleasure.

Here’s the latest news on what’s happening there this weekend:

Rockwell’s Urban Bazaar Holiday Series: October 24-25

‘Tis the season to go shopping! Power Plant Mall invites you to part two of Rockwell’s Urban Bazaar: Holiday Series, a fabulously hassle-free Christmas shopping experience happening on October 24 & 25 (Friday 12NN-8PM & Saturday 10AM-8PM) at the Rockwell Tent.

Get a head start on your holiday gift buying this month with over 80 booths that offer you nothing but the best. Delight yourselves in a relaxed stroll through each booth and discover the wide variety of unique gift items, handmade goods, handbags, accessories, baby products, and many more.

Find the perfect gift for everybody and anybody-from babies to oldies, for your friends and family!

Babinski Baby will surely give moms & moms-to-be pure joy with their one-of-a-kind items such as “almost shows”, cute footwear for newborn babies, “babi pillow”, an essential item for new breastfeeding moms, and a lot more!

INDIGOBaby products will surely enhance a mother’s relationship with her newborn with the snugbug belt bags & summer baby pouches!

Personalize your gift and create a special style for your loved one in Make Your Own Flipflops! Vintage inspired and handmade accessories are also available at Julena’s Lockets & Cameos and Sundari.

Spread the love with U&I, known for their cute gift items that are perfect for couples. These items will surely make your loved one feel extra-special during this season!

Men won’t have to worry about not finding anything at this bazaar – Hello Lulu offers stylish laptop sleeves and canvas bags that suit any mood or season. DRU & NJ Sneaks will definitely help men dress up for upcoming special holiday occasions.

Don’t miss this exciting event at the Rockwell Tent. The Urban Bazaar Holiday Series is scheduled on October 24-25, November 28-30 & December 12-14. For more information, please call 8981702 or log on to

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rockwell’s “urban bazaar”

From Rockwell Land comes this announcement about their latest shopping event:

Discover Color at Rockwell’s Urban Bazaar

This rainy season, satisfy that urge to splurge at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar from August 15 to 17 at the Rockwell Tent.

This year’s theme: “Discover Color, Find your Style.” Rockwell’s Urban Bazaar will showcase over 80 participating shops with a unique mix of women’s fashion, men’s line, accessories, beauty, home items and knick-knacks.

Raid the racks with clothes from exciting brands like Be, Cole Vintage, Daphne, Designer Soiree, and V Clothing. Shift from work-wear to weekend wear with Lime, a fabulous line of comfy and lightweight jersey tops and dresses – perfect for the active woman who needs flexible fashion to fit her lifestyle.

Adventurous stylephiles will also enjoy Tammy Tan tops and casual dresses in geometric prints to make a bold fashion statement. Tammy Tan’s playful yet elegant designs are sure to add spice to your closet and will let you stand out from the crowd.

Treat your soles to fashionable footwear from Ichigo , NJ Sneakers, Renegade Folk, and the latest footwear fad, Plueys Manila.

Plueys lets you enjoy stylish Wellington rain boots made from durable natural rubber with sturdy treaded soles and are softly lined for comfort. It’s perfect from dressing up or dressing down.

Guys can also enjoy a wide assortment from the men’s line of Villareal and Munky, as well as tailored shirts and jackets from Navarro. Hip shirts and denims that fit the urban lifestyle can also be bought at Switch Nation.

To make you even more chic and stylish are accessories from Buxani, Fuddy Duddy, Get Happy, Temp Station, BBB, D!luxe Jewelry, Bags in the City, De Roca Bags, Veronica Manila, Gypsy Holiday, and Tonic.

To make your shopping extravaganza complete, indulge your taste buds at the new and exciting food booths outside the tent.

So rush to the Rockwell Tent to splurge and spoil yourself with this year’s Urban Bazaar and get a chance to win raffle prizes and enjoy Samba performances by Escola de Samba de Manila – the first and only Samba school in the Philippines !

For inquiries call 898-1702.   ***

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sunday is for worship and flowers.

Every Sunday the kids and I attend the second service (Traditional) at Union Church of Manila. After each service (there are three), juice, coffee, and cookies are served in the Fellowship Hall. Second Service usually has the most attendees.

Fellowship Hall

My ministry is with the “First Friends”. I serve as a host in the UCM Sala, where I meet and greet newcomers, offering food and drinks. The Sala’s window looks out onto a garden.


This is the left side of the Sala, a cozy little corner with a waterfall out the window.


The entire room is long and very inviting. It’s often used for Bible Study and Small Discipleship Group meetings. It is where our Friday Small Group meets. (Do join us on Fridays at 7pm.)


After worship, the kids and I have lunch at a mall. Today it was Zaifu at Powerplant, our “home mall”. We had our usual ebi tempura, tamago maki, and dynamite roll.


When the belly-growling had subsided, off we went to our “mother ship” to browse through the latest books and pens. My latest purchase from this store (just yesterday) was The Lost Ark of the Covenant by Prof. Tudor Parfitt.


Next stop, the lobby - to gawk at the beautiful flower arrangements of a local ikebana society.


Orchids, anthuriums, fronds, ferns, and foliage were all creatively displayed in earthen, ceramic, or wooden containers to best show off the beauty of nature.



The more I look around, the more I see how wondrous are the things that God has made, and how much He loves us by heaping upon us blessing upon blessing.

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latest cheap FP acquisitions

So the kids and I dropped by Fully Booked at the Powerplant Mall today. Guess what I should see inside a glass case but an attractive display of Inoxcrom fountain pens? Among the selections were the latest mini Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, the new Jordi Labanda ballpoints (with the “ball” on the clicker), and two sets of the old (from two years ago) Jordi Labanda FP-and-BP set including one that looked exactly like my old one that died! (see previous post)

Both of the old sets on display were PINK. One set, as I said, in the exact same design and color as my old one (dark rose). The other set was light pink.

Now, I ask you, what are the odds of that happening? That of all the stock of items left over, that they would have the old design. Not only that,but that both remaining sets would be pink!

I think you know there was only one thing I could do, right? the stars in their courses laid down the destiny that these pens and I should meet. Who was I to argue? or to resist?

I also picked up an Inoxcrom kukuxumusu with an adorable pattern of hearts on its barrel. Of course it was pink too. Despite the medium nib (I prefer fine), it’s slim and short enough to suit me, while still having enough room in the barrel for a spare cartridge! Now that is what I call a good pen.


It will go nicely with my teNeues “hearts” notebook that I got for Christmas.


“Kukuxumusu”, according to ever-helpful Wikipedia, means “the flea’s kiss” in Euskara (Basque).

For Ik, I got this stripey ARdelaP as a reward for being rank #5 in class (up from #7 last grading period). She loves pens almost as much as I do. Congratulations, Ik, first on your academic achievement,and second on being a new “pen”-atic!


Amazingly, the pens are cheaper here in Manila than in some places online. Each Jordi Labanda set of FP-and-BP went for P685 or US$16.70, that’s for a set of two pens, while online, a Jordi Labanda fountain pen alone goes for US$18! The kukuxumusu, US$6.95 as against US$10 online.

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moleskine madness

I had seen them at Fully Booked (PowerPlant mall branch) early or middle of 2008 and thought they were lovely but way, way too expensive for a notebook. But I couldn’t get them out of my head; over the months I’d go back to the store, look at the display, and wonder whether I should finally get one or not.

I’m talking about Moleskines, the hip hot notebook that almost every creative person in the know is carrying around. Moleskines are touted as the notebook used by literary and art stars – Hemingway, Chatwin, Picasso.

“Moleskins” – notebooks with a cover of oilcloth-covered cardboard – have been around for over a hundred years and were made in France by a few select stationers until demand for the old-fashioned notebooks died. The last moleskin notebook maker, based in Tours, France, stopped making them in 1986.

In 1998, the Italian company Modo e Modo revived the old tradition and sold them under the trademark “Moleskine”. And that is how they are known to aficionados – writers, artists, other creatives, the intelligentsia, academics, scientists, and wannabes. Writer Neil Gaiman always carries one.

I must profess my profound admiration for the Modo e Modo marketing machine – from 30,000 in sales early on to more than 3 million now, their hype is certainly effective. Consumers feel that with a Moleskine they can channel the creativity of the artists and writers of the past who used similar notebooks. Farfetched idea, but it’s often observed in anthropology – “sympathetic magic”.

Googling the ‘Net, you’ll see a lot of references to Moleskines. They are used as planners by IT people using “GTD” (Getting Things Done) and other time-management methods after applying “moleskine hacks” (modifications). They are also popular as art albums, scrapbooks, for writing stories in, and as

Moleskines are also available at Powerbooks, but at present stocks are depleted everywhere. Wait till the first week of December to satisfy your Moleskine cravings.

They come in pocket and large sizes, with plain, ruled, squared, and watercolor paper (for the sketchbooks). There are also daily and weekly planners, as well as Japanese albums and memo pockets. The default color is black, but they issued a limited edition red planner for 2008, and not too long ago offered Shantung silk-covered variations in blue, red, green, and plum as part of their Van Gogh Museum collection. The colors do evoke the hues in the painter’s works.

They are expensive, but if you are an aesthete, or one who loves paper and pen, then you must have one. Or more.

I’d like to get two pocket notebooks – one plain and one ruled – and fill them in with words and drawings. Most likely my sketches will be of quilt blocks and quilt designs. The words, strung together, will form essays and other random ramblings.

I can’t wait to curl up with a cup of coffee, some paper, a fountain pen, and ink – with these tools I can create my own new world.

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