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sailor clear candy


Sailor released its colorful Clear Candy fountain pen line late last year to celebrate the company’s centennial.

It’s marketed as a student’s pen, but its price (about $19.50 at Scribe in Manila), between the Platinum Preppy ($3.30 at JetPens) and the Lamy Safari (about $25 at National Bookstore in Manila), would make it more affordable for working folks rather than students on a budget.

The pen comes in a clear acrylic box, but maybe only at Scribe in Manila, where I bought this.

The  barrel, cap, feed, and section are made of plastic, and the nib of steel, the ubiquitous rolled-under stamped metal sheet that is the modern nail and a feature of budget pens.

The parts of a Clear Candy – barrel, cap with inset star, cartridge, and steel nib in a white section. There was an older version called the AS Manhattaner’s NY Artists’ Guild fountain pen – that one had a cat. AN ADORABLE CAT.

Inking for the first time, using red J. Herbin Anniversary Ink. 

The pen came with a converter, which I find more convenient to use than a cartridge. Be careful when you open the barrel – when I did that to re-ink for the second time, I found that the converter had come unscrewed from the rest of its parts. Good thing there was very little ink left in the chamber and a horrible messy inky accident all over the papers in my office was averted.

The white section stains when the pen is inked. (This is because I use a converter.) Clean it immediately with a tissue dipped in alcohol. That’s inconvenient, but then the pen is pink, and, as we all know, pink covers over a multitude of sins. To avoid this, you could ink by dipping the converter itself into the ink bottle, rather than through the nib. (Or by using a cartridge instead.)

It was too dry a writer with the red J. Herbin Anniversary Ink. I might have the nib modded into a stub – it might write better that way.

The nib is very firm. I cannot coax the least bit of spring from it. At first it was a bit scratchy and dry and did nothing at all for my handwriting. But after some smoothening on rough cardboard, the nib has settled into a toothiness that bites well into most types of paper.

Because the nib is an F-2 fine, there aren’t any bleeding, feathering, nor show-through issues. It’ll do all right on cheap, thin paper, if that’s what you have to work with.

Experiment with different types of ink to find which level of dryness or wetness you prefer, as this pen is choosy about its ink and does better with some than with others.

Here’s a size comparison with a Nokia C-3 phone.

While it might not be to your liking at the start, I suggest you give it a breaking-in period. It’ll do as a school pen for taking notes and as an all-around daily warrior. It comes in many colors – check out the lineup at JetPens.

In Manila, the Sailor Clear Candy pen is available at Scribe, Eastwood Mall.

All photos taken with an iPhone 4S.

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platinum preppy pink

It’s been raining quite a lot lately, and the skies are often gray and gloomy.

When that happens, I reach for something colorful to brighten my spirits.

Today, it’s this Platinum Preppy fountain pen in perfect peekaboo pink.

 Full shot of the pink Platinum Preppy. Instagram filter: Valencia

As with most things of Japanese design, it is cute. Coming from the prestigious and respected Platinum Pen Company (est. 1919), it is reliable from the moment you snap the cartridge in.

The Preppy is an entry-level for children, students, and anyone who wants an inexpensive but well-made fountain pen. (They’re only US$ 3.30 at Jetpens!)  It comes in several different colors – black, blue, green, purple, red, yellow, and pink among them – with matching colored nibs and ink cartridges.  The nibs come in 03 Fine and 05 Medium. This one’s an 05 Medium.

 Parts of a Platinum Preppy: nib and section, cartridge, barrel, cap and clip. Instagram filter: Hefe.

There being none sold in the Philippines, I got mine at Quill and Nib in West Des Moines, Iowa, during a trip there.

Here’s a writing sample in Platinum’s cheery almost-sakura pink ink. The words and drawing are from an Internet meme.

Writing sample and closeup of a Platinum Preppy nib. 

Someday it will stop raining. Someday it will stop being gray and gloomy. Till then, here’s my pink Platinum Preppy.

All photos taken with an iPhone 4S.

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incoming tory burch bag

I’ve written about how my LA-based cousin Ivy is bringing me some Tory Burch stuff when she visits Manila in June. One of the things I asked her to get me is this TB Nylon Ella Tote in Butterfly Pink.

It has arrived at her home and here’s a picture of it sitting on a stool in her pink kitchen in perfect color coordination and harmony:

It looks faaabulous. Can’t wait till it gets here. <3

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hello kitty car

Stop rubbing your eyes. They are not deceiving you. Yes, that is indeed a Hello Kitty car.

I spotted this car at Ayala Technohub in Quezon City earlier today. The flash of bright pink from across the parking lot drew my attention. I took several up-close pictures (see the gallery below) with my Nikon C3, and you will see that hardly any surface of the car is left undecorated with extravagant swirls and Hello Kitty’s winking face. Even the license plate holder is Hello Kitty.

The first thing I did was submit these photos to my favorite Hello Kitty website.

Next, I posted them here for you to enjoy. And be amazed about. And maybe have a few chuckles. But mostly for you to be astonished at what they can do with car finishes nowadays! Over the years I’ve thought more than a few times about how boring solid-color cars are. I wondered, what if we could have plaid and stripes and polka dots?

Time was when donking meant pimping out your car with an outrageous (solid) paint job in non-traditional colors like purple and chartreuse, with maybe a few racing stripes here and there, or the occasional logo. You know, something fancy but not too.

I suppose it had to take the advances in image reproduction technology for car primpers to be able to develop all-over images like these. It gives a car owner nearly unlimited choices in decorating her noble steed of steel. The power…!

Hello Kitty? Well, if that’s your trip, go ahead. Free will and all that. Meanwhile, I’m making sketches for a Darth Vader car.

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pink overload?

Is there such a thing as “too much pink?”

I happened to notice this particular tableau beside me tonight:

My nightgown is pink, and so are my handbag, wallet, water bottles, tissue packet, markers, cookie tin, and brocade box where I keep my mobile phone chargers.


Above my computer is a pink saddlecloth from last year’s MARHO Breeders’ Cup event (the horse that was to have used it was scratched from one of the races) which I use to cover the printer. My stapler is pink, and so are the tape dispenser, pouch for my external hard disk drives, and camera strap.

I had a mani-pedi last night and chose Orchid Pink nail polish for my nails.

Among my favorite movies are Legally Blonde 1 and 2 – mainly, I suspect, because of all the pink clothes and stuff Reese Witherspoon got to use in them.

I’m happy I can surround myself with my favorite color. Why should we deny ourselves the harmless little things that give us pleasure? Call me a responsible hedonist along Epicurean lines, where “the highest pleasure consists of a simple, moderate life spent with friends and in philosophical discussion.”

So my answer is: “You can never be too rich or too pink.”

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let them eat – cupcakes!

It was a serendipitous walk around the basement of PowerPlant Mall that led us to a cheerful little stall all ablaze in pink. Called “The Sweet Life by Ange”, this home-based bakery purveys cupcakes; “Sweet Surrender”, their variation of Brazo de Mercedes with French vanilla ice cream; and cheesecake cookies.

The adventure into their take on the sweet life begins with the adorable packaging. The box combines my favorite color -pink – with complements of ivory and chocolate.

When you open the box, a delectable sight greets your eyes – a dozen cupcakes, generously iced with artistic swirls, cherries, candy hearts, or chocolate beans perched atop.



“Couture Cupcakes”. Top, L-R: Marie Antoinette (vanilla cupcake with Tequila Rose Buttercream), Chanel (moist chocolate cupcake with Valrhona Buttercream). Below, L-R: Satine (red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting), Sugar Daddy (moist chocolate cupcake with Bailey’s Buttercream).


Their sampler box of 12 mini cupcakes is dressed with a pink bow.


Twelve bite-sized chunks of cake tempt and delight.

“The Sweet Life by Ange” will be at Rockwell during the “Bakers’ Dozen” sale, every weekend until December.

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my favorite pens

Some of my favorite things – my fountain pens and Moleskine. When it comes to pens, it seems I have only one criteria. As for the Moleskine, I’m wondering when, if ever, will there be a pink one?

From the top: four Inoxcroms – two Jordi Labandas, a kukuxumusu, and an Agatha Ruiz de la Prada; below them, a Schneider zippi. Cheap, true, but pink and dependable. The Schneider, ARdelaP, and kukuxumusu wrote smoothly the instant the cartridge went in. (I have not loaded the two Jordi Labandas yet). I’ll be using them as everyday “road warriors”.

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latest cheap FP acquisitions

So the kids and I dropped by Fully Booked at the Powerplant Mall today. Guess what I should see inside a glass case but an attractive display of Inoxcrom fountain pens? Among the selections were the latest mini Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, the new Jordi Labanda ballpoints (with the “ball” on the clicker), and two sets of the old (from two years ago) Jordi Labanda FP-and-BP set including one that looked exactly like my old one that died! (see previous post)

Both of the old sets on display were PINK. One set, as I said, in the exact same design and color as my old one (dark rose). The other set was light pink.

Now, I ask you, what are the odds of that happening? That of all the stock of items left over, that they would have the old design. Not only that,but that both remaining sets would be pink!

I think you know there was only one thing I could do, right? the stars in their courses laid down the destiny that these pens and I should meet. Who was I to argue? or to resist?

I also picked up an Inoxcrom kukuxumusu with an adorable pattern of hearts on its barrel. Of course it was pink too. Despite the medium nib (I prefer fine), it’s slim and short enough to suit me, while still having enough room in the barrel for a spare cartridge! Now that is what I call a good pen.


It will go nicely with my teNeues “hearts” notebook that I got for Christmas.


“Kukuxumusu”, according to ever-helpful Wikipedia, means “the flea’s kiss” in Euskara (Basque).

For Ik, I got this stripey ARdelaP as a reward for being rank #5 in class (up from #7 last grading period). She loves pens almost as much as I do. Congratulations, Ik, first on your academic achievement,and second on being a new “pen”-atic!


Amazingly, the pens are cheaper here in Manila than in some places online. Each Jordi Labanda set of FP-and-BP went for P685 or US$16.70, that’s for a set of two pens, while online, a Jordi Labanda fountain pen alone goes for US$18! The kukuxumusu, US$6.95 as against US$10 online.

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new trend in fountain pens

Pilot and Platinum, along with other brands like Smiggle, Schneider, and Inoxcrom, have embarked on a new adventure in fountain pen manufacturing and marketing by creating the cheap disposable fountain pen! Their way of bringing fine writing instruments to the masses, these colorful FPs appeal to the young and young at heart with their bright colors and affordable prices.

The latest trend is to package the FPs much like what is being done with gel pens – a set of rainbow colors in a transparent plastic case.

The Pilot Varsity (below) is lightweight and disposable. An ink supply window in the barrel shows you how much ink is left. It comes in black, blue, red, green, purple, light blue, and pink. This set of seven pens costs around US$17.

Platinum, a brand well known for quality, doesn’t compromise when it comes to its Preppy line. Packaged in sets of six, it comes in black, blue, red, yellow, pink, and green. The nib and ink are the same color! Around US$3 each pen.


Pilot has another ace up its sleeve with the Petit1, for “the young and modern adult”. The nib is fine, stainless steel, and uses ink cartridges. It comes in a wide range of sixteen colors, and is around US$4.50 each pen.

To buy online, try Jpens or Jetpens.

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inspired invention: french press

When I have time, I make coffee using a French press. Mine is a four-cup pink Bodum that I bought at Starbucks four years ago. I get beans at Starbucks on their Coffee Passport promo (buy a total of eight bags and get one free! no time limit, I think). As for creamer, I prefer vanilla-flavored.

A French press is very convenient and easy to use, a truly inspired and wonderful invention. Just put in ground coffee (around two tablespoons per cup), add very hot (not boiling water), and steep for four minutes, then slowly press down the plunger to strain. Pour yourself a cup of fresh brew!

Make sure to have your beans ground “very coarse”, otherwise not all particles will be properly strained and you’ll be spitting out bitter bits of ground beans. Do not re-use coffee grounds; the resulting fluid will not taste good. (Believe me, I’ve tried it. Blecch.) Used grounds make great garden fertilizer and skin exfoliant (try it next time you’re in the shower).

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