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holiday wish list

My younger daughter came home from school the other day with a copy of their school magazine. A page carried the holiday wish-lists of third-graders, which contained things like “a big car when I’m 18 and a private jet”, “a puppy because it’s cute”, and “for my brother to be well-behaved.” Aww.

So I tapped into my inner third-grader and came up with this list of mostly fun and frivolous things. What’s on yours?

iPad 64 GB – Steve Jobs and the rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ design team at Apple have been consistently hitting balls out of the park with their latest offerings, with the iPad being a stellar device for Internet media consumption. It’s on top of many wish lists this season.

Fluevog shoes – with their funky styling and colors, what’s not to like?

Tokyo Milk scents and cosmetics – the names alone of their scents are intriguing. “Let Them Eat Cake” is a “touch of decadence: sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, and white musk”; “Ex Libris is “an age-old tale: fig leaf, magnolia, bronzed musk, and cardamom.” From parfum to candles to kissing kits, indulge your love for fragrance and erudite vintage-inspired labels here.

For me to be well-behaved – because it all starts with the man in the mirror.

Caran d’Ache fountain pen ink – the colors are vibrant and alive and will crawl all over your paper! Choose from Carbon Black, Blue Night, Sky Blue, Saffron Orange, Caribbean Sea (turquoise), Stormy Violet, Grand Canyon (brown), Amazon Green, and Sunset Pink (more like scarlet red).

A supernova – like this one, a remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud. A framed photograph will do.

World peace – because you can’t enjoy all these things if you were in a middle of a war.

J. Herbin sealing wax and a personalized signet ring – nothing else says “you’re important to me” with such drama and flair as when you send a letter in an envelope sealed with wax and your own crest.

2010 Mercedes Benz GL350 Bluetec SUV – because German engineering is still the benchmark for automobile quality.

Roots Canada Small School Bag – because everyone and her maid has got Vuitton, and because there are other brands of handbags in the world. Roots uses “tribe leather” which gives a worn and distressed look to the item. Perfect for writers who carry around pens, ink, notebooks, and laptops.

Sophie (played by actress Amanda Seyfried) carries a Roots Small School Bag in the movie “Letters to Juliet”. Image here.

Nordic track treadmill – pro version with gradient/incline and heart rate monitor, so I can exercise without leaving the house, rain or shine.

Crane personalized stationery – creamy cards and notepaper make it a joy to write letters and send them via snail mail.

A house with an indoor pool and water slide from the second floor – COWABUNGA! (Image here.)

World fish – another way of saying “end world hunger”. Because you can’t enjoy all these things if you were hungry.

I can think of more stuff, but I look around me and see that I have all that I really need. I’ll indulge my inner third-grader with a cup of marshmallow cocoa and a nap now.

Happy holidays!

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the significance of trees

The Christmas tree is a ubiquitous and uber-commercialized symbol of the holiday, yet the etymology of its use could hearken back to old animistic practices. In many ancient religions, trees were worshipped as sacred, held to be the homes of gods or spirits, or believed to be capable of bestowing enlightenment on mortals.

My aunt Nana Barcelona’s tree, decorated with ornaments collected through the years. The hand-painted eggs are actual eggs from Chechoslovakia; the gilded glass spheres, Philippine-made.

In today’s context - festooned with winking lights, laden with colorful ornaments, circled by wrapped presents – a Christmas tree certainly has the power to bring smiles to children’s faces.


Ik’s wide grin makes all the preparations worth it!

Even a “sign” (in the Jungian sense) that consists of electric lights strung together in an elongated pyramid formation and decorated with various ornaments can symbolize a Christmas tree, which in turn symbolizes the holiday and all its attendant shared meanings and associations.


A tree made of lights and ornaments greets all comers to our barangay (neighborhood community) in Makati City.


A closeup of some of the ornaments decorating our neighborhood tree.

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