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flora and fauna

Last weekend, Alex attended an expo at the Philippine Trade Center with her Botany class, and came home with a camera full of pictures of flowers and beasts.

A turtle, masses of orchids, a rufous hornbill, pots of herbs, an owl perched on her shoulder, the vibrant fuschia hue of a blossom – all caught her eye.

She wanted to buy a pot of rosemary because it reminded her of her sister (Ik’s second name is Rosemary) and because it smelled aromatic and sweet when crushed between her fingers – but she was afraid there would be no place for it to thrive in our tiny home.

She wanted to buy a grass snake – harmless, she said, and glorious in its sinuous slithering – but it cost eight thousand pesos, her allowance for two months.

She wanted to buy a furry mouse, but she knew I would shriek my abhorrence for rodents in the highest vocal register.

Memories are what she took away from that trip. Happy memories, the best kind.

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animal planet

In the very heart of Makati, there exists a world far removed from the high-rises and concrete thoroughfares the city is known for Рa world of fuzzy, warm, non-human creatures Рan animal planet.

All these animals are just right outside my home and office. Fighting cocks in their triangular shelters…

racehorses in the nearby stable..


…and this hound dawg on the pavement.


The stables, chikkin ranch, dawg road, and our office¬†are right beside the Pasig river. This is the view from our office window…


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