you might need my help to:

* give your old fountain pens a loving home.

* place your product ad or review your service/product in my blog.

* write content for your website, blog, magazine, etc. i write books (fiction and non-fiction), research reports, and all sorts of things that require putting letters together to make words. i also edit and produce magazines.

* record material for your multimedia ads as a voice talent, and write the script as well.

*hang out at your coffee shop all day to make sure the seats don’t fly away.

* handle your social networking needs – i’m adept at blogging, creating and maintaining websites, and handling your company’s facebook, twitter, and other social media channels.

* taste your new homegrown coffee blend. (try it with fresh goat’s milk and honey or brown sugar. trust me.)

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  1. lovemusik
    14 May 2008 at 7:04 pm (4061 days ago)

    Hey! I’ve read your posts on fox books and I was wondering if you’d know where to get them :) Are they sold on local bookstores here? I know you don’t know me but please reply. I’d appreciate it. Thanks!!:)

  2. Woody Aguirre
    13 August 2008 at 4:01 pm (3970 days ago)

    Hi Jenny. How much about horse racing do you know? Would you know how big in terms of value the Philippine Horse Racing industry is here in the Philippines?

    Woody Aguirre
    Investment Advisory
    First Metro Investment Corporation

    Tel:8587900 (loc:7956)

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