PGTW: The hellhole that is NAIA

POP GOES THE WORLD By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today, 5 June 2014, Thursday

The hellhole that is NAIA


Here’s feedback from a foreigner who sent me this message:

“That T1 (NAIA Terminal 1) should be blown up! Left Monday from there and it’s a nightmare! You pay PHP 550 to go to a sauna fully dressed up and sweat like hell in dirt only to get inefficient service! What a hell!”

The criminal neglect of NAIA, energy situation, public safety, internal security and national defines; not to mention food security, national reputation and total wellbeing is causing tremendous angst.

In as much as people would like the government to do well and succeed, it really doesn’t give a damn, despite years of feedback from all quarters. Even in the remote chance that it has a little malasakit for the people, it doesn’t have the right stuff to make things better.

ALIS DYAN! (R. Alunan, FB, May 21)



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