bulow x450 kurve

The Bulow X450 Kurve is an affordable dressy pen that gives the bang of bling for baby bucks.

China-made, it’s become popular for its looks and accessibility. If you get a good one, you’re lucky.

The nib is a two-tone (gold and silver) 18-k gold-plated broad, and is a smooth writer.

The cap and body are green marble resin outfitted with gold hardware, that, however, has tarnished a bit over the couple of years I’ve owned it. The Kurve generally comes in plain colors (vanilla, midnight blue, claret red), while the marble finishes like this are less commonly available.

It is not a good idea to post this pen.

bulow x450 fountain pen green with gold trim

The ink used for this writing sample is Waterman Havana (yes, from an old batch before they changed the names of their inks). 

I’ve always been partial to XF and F pens because I use Moleskine notebooks with their thin, non-fountain-pen-friendly paper, but once in a while it’s satisfying to break out the broads, fill them with inks of interesting colors, and revel in swirls and curves and flourishes.

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