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I’ve loved Yankee Candle ever since I was introduced to it on a trip to the US East Coast about 12 years ago.

Here’s one of my latest acquisitions, just last year – Jelly Donut. It smells like a raspberry jelly-filled doughnut.

The Yankee Candle Illuma-lid is made of metal and is supposed to prevent “tunneling”. That’s when wax builds up around the sides instead of melting into a flat pool as it should.

I chose an Illuma-lid that depicts butterflies, my totem animal/insect/contingent being. They signify rebirth into a brighter and better life, where one can soar and reach dreamt-of heights.  

I love food scents. I got this particular jar of Vanilla Cupcake over ten years ago. The scent oils have darkened and become concentrated, and as a consequence the throw is very strong. Its smell is intense even when cold, more so when it is burning. In ten minutes, an entire room is filled with fragrance.

This scent was discontinued for many years, and revived only some time ago after popular demand.

Last year (2011) I acquired more food scents – Lemon Chiffon, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, and Fruit Salad among them – and look forward to burning them, and having my room smell like a bakery or deli.

They’d smell stronger if I wait ten years, but you know what I’ve learned since the first time I bought Yankee Candles?

Life is short. Take the simple pleasures where you can, while you can.

 All photos taken with an iPhone 4S.

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  1. pinoytransplant
    12 February 2012 at 11:32 pm (2974 days ago)

    They smell so good, you have to fight the urge not to eat the candle!

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