waterman lady patricia

The Waterman Lady Patricia was released in 1930 following the spectacular debut of the larger Patrician line a year earlier. This model is the Ink-Vue, lever fill. They are small and dainty, perfect for lady and child hands.

This one has a 14k Ideal firm nib.

 The “Lady Pat” came in various colors and transparency patterns, such as red and the rare turquoise and moss-agate. This one is a hard-to-find Persian. Best of all, it comes with a semi-flexible nib, for that good old line variation.

A closer look shows the black celluloid section, silver cap band, and lovely marbling of the barrel and cap. The nib has a heart-shaped breather hole.

This writing sample shows the wonderful line variation such a nib can give. Take care, though, not to push it into the “danger zone” when flexing, otherwise the nib will spring.

Waterman made  ”wet noodle” nibs back in the day; alas, modern manufacturers no longer do. Something to do with the metallurgy, or some such technical matter. Look for antique and vintage pens on eBay or from fellow pen collectors, which is how I get mine.

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