mondial lus stylo

This is the Mondial Lus Stylo fountain pen – tiny, yet sturdy and packs a wallop. I won it in the Fountain Pen Network-Philippines raffle holiday penmeet last year; it was donated by anthropologist Butch Palma, penmeister extraordinaire.

This is my first French fountain pen. FPs are still widely used in Europe and come in models to fit all ages and budgets.

It’s a no-nonsense pocket-size pen that is small and easy to carry, yet still long enough to use when posted. It comes with a functional steel nib that is a nail yet with a slight hint of give for that extra touch of comfort when writing for long periods. A short cartridge fits perfectly inside its transparent plastic barrel that allows you to see how much ink you have left.

Function – check. Style – check, if you like simple modern design. It’s a good budget instrument to make sure you’re never without a fountain pen in your bag.


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