corner tree cafe

For those who have adopted a vegetarian diet, or are looking to try something new, Corner Tree Cafe offers vegetarian fine dining with a taste of Morocco and the Mediterranean.

The interiors are comfortably dim, with tealights at every table. Perfect for quiet tete-a-tetes.

A young author writes her novel by candlelight.

The Spanakopita is creamy inside and crunchy outside.

corner street cafe camote fries

Camote fries – not your usual.

corner street cafe vegetarian meat loaf

 Vegetarian meat loaf entree.

It’s interesting enough to try out. Corner Tree Cafe is at Miladay Building, 150 Jupiter Street, Makati.

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2 Comments on corner tree cafe

  1. Chito Limson
    26 August 2012 at 3:53 pm (2875 days ago)

    It’s Corner Tree Caf√©, Jenny and they do have a nice vegetarian menu there.

  2. JennyO
    26 August 2012 at 6:16 pm (2874 days ago)

    Thanks, Chito, will fix :) What a weird typo. What was I thinking :)

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