blue lamy safari italic

Going through my collection of fountain pens, I was pleasantly surprised to rediscover this bold blue Lamy Safari from a couple of years back.

The Lamy cap and barrel is made of high-quality ABS plastic with a chrome clip. It has a cartridge/converter fill system. The barrel has a cutout – that’s to see how much ink is left, which serves the same purpose of the Ink-Vue windows¬†of 1930s Waterman pens, but in a simpler fashion.

I prefer converters to cartridges. They’re eco-friendly because they’re reusable, although carts can be refilled with a syringe. Here, I’ve dipped the Lamy’s nib into a bottle of Private Reserve.

A converter is also great for priming a clean pen because it draws ink up through the nib. Here the converter is half-full. (You can see I’m an optimist.)

Here’s a writing sample with this pen’s lovely 1.1 italic nib. The ink color is actually Tropical Blue, not Turquoise. Sorry for the typo error. The Lamy does not have spell-check.

A closer look at the nib will show the end of the nib that lays the ink down in a wider line than usual, perfect for rendering italics, calligraphy, and interesting drawings. It’s going to get a lot more use from now on.

All photos taken with an iPhone 4S, edited with Snapseed.

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2 Comments on blue lamy safari italic

  1. JustDaveyB
    10 September 2012 at 7:02 pm (2763 days ago)

    That is a great colour of blue. Another one to add to my long list of inks to get. I am a big fan of italic nibs – they give lettering so much more personality.

  2. karlo
    10 September 2012 at 9:18 pm (2763 days ago)

    Rediscovering the Safari is always a real treat. With a quick mib swap, you get a totally different pen personality for not much money. Thanks for the wonderful reminder, JennyO.

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