sheaffer targa 1005

Meet my colleague Noy’s heirloom pen. It was given to him by his father over the holidays, when Noy asked if there was a fountain pen around he could use as a sign pen at work. His father gave him this one. Noy took it to me one morning to check out.

I was impressed by how pristine it was. There was no ink discernible on the nib or within the barrel or cap. Before inking, I flushed the nib and fill system. The water remained undiscolored. Then I realized – IT WAS UNUSED. Mint condition, save for a few rust spots on the barrel.

After some research at Penspotters, I identified the pen as a Sheaffer Targa 1005, circa 1985. I knew Rick Conner’s site would have the answer.

The clip has a white dot; both top and bottom tassies are black enamel. The cap and barrel are gold electroplate, perhaps 23k.

The nib is the typical upturned-tip associated with the Sheaffer Targa. It’s a 14k fine, but I keep comparing the Western nibs to the Japanese so to my mind this is a Japanese medium .

It uses an aerometric fill, very convenient and easy to use – just dip and squeeze until no bubbles appear.

It had feed issues and would not go even after being inked with black Parker Quink. I inserted a business card several times between nib and feed, a trick taught me by Leigh which has helped me save many a pen here and abroad, and it got going.

This handsome pen is a buttery-smooth wet writer, perfect for Noy to sign any peace treaties, declarations of independence, and attendance forms that may cross his desk.

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