moleskine memo pockets

From a small selection of notebooks similar to those beloved of writers and artists in the past to its present wide range of stationery products, Moleskine is engaging buyers with things that evoke the artistic lifestyle.

The Moleskine Memo Pockets lets you keep receipts, notes, tickets, and other little bits in a stylish case that looks exactly like one of their notebooks.

The same elastic as in their notebooks runs down the right side.

The case has six pockets made of acid-free paper.

The pockets open wide to provide lots of space. The edges are reinforced with red ribbon.

Moleskine Memo Pockets also come in black. They have a larger version in black of a notebook full of pockets, called the Folio, for papers, drawings, and such.

Moleskine seems to be developing a one-stop system for organizing your paperwork. Notebooks are for jotting down your thoughts and other information – let’s face it, it’s still easier to write something down than take out an iPad or a Galaxy Tab, boot it up, and do the touch-pressing on the virtual keyboard. Planners help you keep to a schedule. ┬áThe cases like the Memo Pockets and the Folio help you sort and stash your bits of paper, the journals help you store information specific to a certain topic (books, wine, recipes, etc.). I’m looking forward to what they’ll come up with next.

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