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The Kindle 3 is a terrific e-reader, light and thin in the way multi-use tablets aren’t. However, the Kindle is also fragile – the display of my Kindle 2 became irreparably damaged when I dropped it. It’s not as sturdy as, let’s say, a Nokia mobile phone, which is all I ever use because I’ve dropped all the ones I’ve had and they kept on working.

Once I accidentally launched an early-model Nokia phone into the toilet. Upon fishing it out, I disassembled it, allowed the parts to dry thoroughly, put them back together, and by golly that Nokia went “beep beep” with an incoming text. Fantastic brand. No sensitive and ultra-delicate ┬áiPhones for me. I like my mobile phones rugged, tough, and manly, and preferably housed in pink and rhinestones so that they’ll look glam wherever they are, even in a toilet.

But I digress. Back to the Kindle and its need to be coddled and protected. Enter the Kindle cover. A Kindle must have one. I’ve tried the neoprene skin kind, and they just keep scratches from happening. It doesn’t provide protection against the six million other hard objects you have in your bag that might damage its delicate display.

For serious bodyguard duty, what works best is a Moleskine-notebook type case, which makes your Kindle look like a leather-bound hardcover book. The hard cover keeps your Kindle screen from being dinged by the other things in your bag, like your wallet or that empty bottle of Southern Comfort.

My cover is black leather. I haven’t found one in pink and rhinestones, but not for lack of trying. Anyway, the notebook-style cover is the best protector I’ve found so far. It’s important to keep an investment like the Kindle safe and unscratched.

Black leather cover by Bluecosto, with magnetic tab.

There’s a pocket on the inside back cover. The carry-pocket for the Kindle on the right has all the right holes to expose buttons, keyboard, and ports.

Here’s a closer look at the bottom of the Kindle in its case.

The case is well-made – check out the stitching.

There are other e-readers on the market, not only e-ink-only devices, but also tablets such as the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab (review coming soon), but I am drawn to the Kindle because it’s the best at doing its job – being an electronic gadget that comes as close at it can to a real ink-and-paper book. It has its drawbacks – no folder organization, no external additional storage such as SD cards – but let’s hope all the kinks get worked out in time. Can’t have everything, after all.

The Kindle 3′s grayscale performance is superb.

The Kindle 3 uses non-glare e-ink Pearl technology and looks like ink on paper. Page turns are faster than the previous two models. The screen has no backlight and thus can be used even in direct sunlight. The font size can be changed to accommodate failing eyesight, something impossible to do with a regular book. Now you know why our grandparents had those magnifying glasses lying around their house.

Of all my gadgets, my Kindle 3 gets the most of my love. I am still getting acquainted with my Galaxy Tab, and am sure will find it useful for reading at night, because it has a backlit screen. Still, for sheer reading pleasure anytime and anywhere there is sufficient illumination, the Kindle 3 has my vote.

Kindle cover featured available from Noelito of SOMASEGAR Sulit Store here. Ebook files available from Leesa at Ebookna here.

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  1. dudaymd
    12 February 2011 at 9:04 pm (3428 days ago)

    wow thanks for the ebook na link.

  2. JennyO
    12 February 2011 at 10:22 pm (3428 days ago)

    Glad to help. Both the links I’ve provided are to good sellers. I’m a satisfied customer of both. :)

  3. Bea
    13 February 2011 at 10:45 am (3428 days ago)

    Wow katuwa! Para na shang book talaga kasi may flap. Hihihi.

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