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To complete a trifecta of Longchamp bagagerie, take a look at the Roseau Tote.

This one is in camel leather, with short handles and distinctive silver hardware – side snaps and a bamboo-shaped toggle that goes through a loop and keeps the bag closed. I love how discreet the placement of the logo is – on an unobtrusive embossed leather medallion below the toggle.

Side snaps allow the bag to expand to fit your things.

The jacquard lining fabric is woven with a repeating pattern of the logo. Note the even stitching on the leather.

One of the labels sewn into the inner seams is an embossed leather rectangle.

I love the simplicity of Longchamp designs, and the Roseau comes close to design perfection. As for functionality, it comes with a zipped inner pocket for little items, enough to make it useful as a daily carrier. The drawback of this particular leather is that it scratches easily. I just tell myself that the scratch marks add character and tell stories of where the bag and I have been together. The Roseau comes in other types of leather that may be sturdier, like crocodile-embossed calfskin. The short handles also mean that I have to sling this one over a wrist instead of a shoulder, which I prefer, but the Roseau is so pretty that I don’t mind that minor inconvenience. It’s available with long handles too.

The Roseau is very professional-looking and makes a great office tote, and works as well for casual forays where you want to be a bit dressed up.

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2 Comments on longchamp roseau

  1. Bea
    23 February 2011 at 10:33 pm (3328 days ago)

    Beautiful! I love the caramel color, too. I wish they’d make backpacks as pretty as this.

  2. wella
    24 February 2011 at 5:24 pm (3327 days ago)

    Longchamp is a perfect brand with a perfect logo for you, considering your day job(s). Enjoy your purses!

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