longchamp LM metal

Funny how life works sometimes. From having nothing of something, you could suddenly have more than you expected. In this case, it’s Longchamp handbags.

Here’s a Longchamp LM (Longchamp Maroquinerie) Metal Medium short handle tote in Bronze. It’s made of coated canvas with leather (cowhide) trim. The front flap has the embossed horse-and-jockey logo, with the same logo in an understated criss-cross pattern all over the bag. It’s not as roomy as a medium Le Pliage, but it’s just the right size for going to the mall or somewhere you don’t need to bring a lot of stuff.

The exterior is waterproof coated canvas. The short handle means you have to hold it in your hand or sling it over your wrist – not very convenient for me, which is why I don’t use this one often. But it’s a very handsome bag.

With exquisite attention to detail, the zipper pull is heavily embossed. The interior of the bag is white canvas.

The tag is sewn into the lining.

Perfect stitching, well-placed zippers, attention to detail all spell quality and pay off in the long run.

Longchamp, established in 1948, enjoyed a small loyal following until the early ’90s when the brand’s popularity skyrocketed when it launched the Le Pliage line. Today, it collaborates with well-known designers to come up with fresh colors and designs every season.

This “Pokemonization” (“Collect them all!”) of the brand worries me. I loved Longchamp when it was a low-key maker of classy leather goods. Nowadays, it’s taking the Louis Vuitton approach to keeping interest in its brand by coming out with heavily hyped must-haves every couple of months. I hope it doesn’t become done-to-death like LV and lose its cachet.

The tactic seems to be working for the company, though, in terms of increasing sales. I’ve seen more Longchamp bags around lately compared to a couple years back. It’s carried by many women at the malls and even students at posh schools.

Its wide appeal is no surprise, because it is a quality brand creating elegant and timeless looks that will always be in style.


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