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Are you the kind of person who demands that a bag actually function as one and hold a ton of stuff, and not be just a convenient display for some overpriced brand’s logo endlessly repeated as a design pattern? Then the Longchamp Le Pliage is one bag to consider adding to your collection.

“Pliage” means  ”folding”. The bag is made of vinyl and leather trim, and it folds up to carry in a larger purse as an extra shopping bag. Since Longchamp first launched it in 1993, it has become hugely popular as a school bag and casual weekend tote.

Because it’s so roomy, I use mine for work. You’d be surprised at how much it can carry – wallet, two small Moleskines and a Muji plain notebook, two pencases full of fountain pens, a bottle of ink, a packet of wet wipes, a packet of dry tissue, hairbrush, makeup kits, key holder, Kindle 3, Nokia C3 cellphone, Sennheiser headphones in a case, Starbucks tumbler – you get it. It can hold your life and have room left over for your lunch.

I prefer the long-handle model to the short, so I can use it as a shoulder bag and have both hands free for holding a cup of Starbucks takeout coffee, waving hello to friends, and doing the biometric finger scanning when I come into the office in the mornings. Hey wait, that’s three hands.

Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Long Handle Shopping Bag in “Fuschia” from the Spring 2011 line. You knew I’d get a pink one. The styling is classic and timeless, and the horse-and-jockey logo appears only once on the exterior – embossed on the front leather flap – very discreet.

The logo is deeply embossed and appears above the button, which bears the text “Longchamp 1948″ with a jockey and horse in the center.

The back of the flap. The word “Longchamp” appears above a line of stitching. Below it is the model name and the words modele depose with the correct French accent marks.

The zipper is YKK and the pull is also embossed.

The snap inside the bag is reinforced with a plastic disc. The stitching all over the bag is of the finest quality.

Click here and here and here for tips on how to tell the difference between a fake and an authentic Le Pliage.

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