lamy safari aquamarine

Thank you to my friend Thomas Overfield for sending me this lovely Lamy Safari Aquamarine fountain pen! I must have been a very good girl the past few months to deserve this coveted limited-edition writing instrument.

Lamy is a  German brand established in 1930 that pioneered in the use of molded synthetic plastic to make their products.

The Lamy Safari Aquamarine with box, wrapped in a note.

The popular Safari, made of ABS plastic, was designed by Fabian and Spiegel and has remained in production since 1980; new colors have been rolled out at intervals since then as limited editions. The standard colors are red, yellow, and blue.

The Lamy Safari Aquamarine parts – cap with stainless clip, barrel with ink view window, nib-and-section with ink converter. It’s ready to be inked with J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche, the color in my stash that comes closest to the color of this pen.

Safari is also available in clear plastic (called the Vista demonstrator) and aluminum (the AL-Star line).

The Safari comes with a stainless nib; a black extra-fine nib was substituted for my pen.

A writing sample on a page from a plain pocket Green Apple notebook (available at National Bookstore branches across Manila). The paper is a bit thicker than Moleskine’s, with minimal show-through on the reverse side – great for fountain pen use.

J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche ink with the Lamy Safari Aquamarine on a Green Apple notebook. The notebook cover is waterproof printed rubber; note the elastic band placed horizontally, minimizing the slippage usual to vertically-placed elastics like on the Moleskine. A notch on the sides of the cover holds the elastic in place.

The Lamy Safari Aquamarine (fountain pen and ballpoint) will be available at National Bookstore in July; they are now taking reservations.

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3 Comments on lamy safari aquamarine

  1. Cath
    14 July 2011 at 11:34 pm (3288 days ago)

    Hi Jenny, I like your Green Apple notebook. Where did you bought it? :)

    I’m interested in buying inoxcrom fountain pen, the plastic one. Are there any converters for it? Thanks in advance :)

  2. Cath
    15 July 2011 at 12:04 am (3288 days ago)

    Oh… I haven’t read that the notebook is from National Bookstore.

  3. JennyO
    17 July 2011 at 11:44 am (3285 days ago)

    Hi, Cath! Both the Green Apple notebooks and Inoxcrom converters are available at National Bookstore. :)

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