body shop design

Great design, with exquisite attention paid to all the myriad details of packaging – font, colors, illustrations – adds to the totality of experiencing a product and it’s a shame when some manufacturers disregard its value.

Fantastic package design can be the make-or-break in a customer’s decision on whether to buy something or not. Let’s talk cosmetics. They are all made of roughly the same ingredients – dyes, fragrance, and so on. So what would make a customer buy one product over another that is basically similar to it, leaving out price concerns? Packaging can tip the balance.

One company that does design right is The Body Shop. Apart from practicing fair trade in its sourcing of raw materials, its packaging and advertising are consistent with its image of high quality natural products.

Facade of The Body Shop at Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Drive, Makati City.

The Neroli Jasmin gift box.

A closer look at the grosgrain ribbon around the box.

The interior of the Neroli Jasmin gift set.

Moroccan Rose set of bath lily, shower gel, and body butter.

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