art of earth

I stepped into the lobby of the Senate of the Philippines and heard the faint trill of a flute.

The sound floated in the air, and swirled around my head like perfume. Irresistible, it beckoned. Hypnotized, I followed, and was led to the goddess on the wall.

An artist had taken handfuls of soil of different shades, mixed them to come up with hues and tints, and with these pigments of earth painted the goddess’s  image on canvas, conjuring her from the other realm, and trapping her forever under the gaze of mortals.

 ”Diwata Hu Suda” (2010), 4 ft x 5 ft, soil on canvas by Onanoy Saway Estrada.  On display at the Senate of the Philippines lobby in the exhibit “Talaandig Soil Paintings”.

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