alex, like, meets a celebrity ohmigawd

Ohhhmigawd ohmigawd OHMIGAWD.

The other day, when we came back from lunch, there was this GUY at our office, and people were having their pictures taken with him, right? So we walk past him, because, like, it’s none of our business, but one of my officemates snags my daughter and MAKES her join the photo op, and I’m right by the door going, whaatt?

Because, like, who’s this guy, right? And my friends told me he’s an ACTOR, he won the Century Tuna Superbod contest, and he acts on TV and stuff, and I’m like, really? what’s his name? and they go, Derek RAMsay, and I’m like, never heard of him, and they’re like, you’ve never heard of DErek RAMsay, I hate you, because he’ s just like the cutest guy ever? So I’m like, sorry, whatever, right?

But as you can see from the picture, he’s a really nice guy, he doesn’t mind having his picture taken with strangers he doesn’t know, and he’s very patient with all the photo requests? And he’s good-looking, and BUFF, so it’s no surprise if he wins all those beach body contests? And he’s cool because he wears those jeans with holes in them like he doesn’t care how he’s dressed but then when you’re that handsome you don’t even need clothes, right?

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  1. Alex
    31 January 2011 at 10:42 pm (3452 days ago)

    Ohmigawwwwd, like, ohemGEE, it’s totally that picture of me and Dereeeeeek~

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