a rainbow of j. herbin inks

Thanks to Scribe Essentials for bringing J. Herbin inks to the Philippines! I got these from the wide assortment at their stand in Power Books at Greenbelt, Makati.

As I’ve already written before, J. Herbin inks are among fountain pen users’ most coveted ink brands, not only for the smoothness of their ink formula, but for the beauty of their bottles and packaging.

The brand goes back to 1670, and is still popular among stationery enthusiasts today.

These color swatches are as close to true-color as I can get them to show on a computer screen.

The radiant rainbow hues will inspire anyone to reach for a pen and write a love letter, a poem, or a story, or reach for a brush and paint the images  in their mind’s eye to share them with the world.

Je vous le désir.

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