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Filipinos are mostly a laid-back, easy-going bunch. There are many reasons why I say, this, but for now, let’s just take one – the national penchant for “home service”. At affordable prices, because they’re not paying for overhead like rent and power, you can have competent people perform personal care and other services at your home – massage, mani-pedi, haircut, sewing (dresses, curtains, slipcovers), you name it.

Recently I had a couple of ‘home writing workshop’ sessions, courtesy of my daughter Ik. What’s fantastic about her service is that it’s fast, free, and comes with a thumbs-up and a hug.

One day, after reading a couple of blog posts, she delivered her critique:

On the happy feet tales: baby steps: “You just took a walk home, but you made a whole story out of it that sounds important. It’s so poetic!”

On the center of the world: “You just took a walk around campus, but you made it sound like a big deal. It’s too…poetic! With a lot of big words just to describe a walk around your school!”

Me: “You’re saying it’s wordy?

Ik: “No, I’m just saying it’s too poetic!”

A couple of days later, upon reading yes, i write like a girl, Ik said: “Nice!”

Me (surprised): “You don’t find it too…poetic, perhaps?”

Ik: “No. I thought about it. You’re just using your English vocabulary. It’s good you’re doing that, because English has a lot of words that aren’t being used. It discombobulates me.”

Me (flabbergasted): “Uhh…that’s very insightful. I hadn’t thought about it that way. Thanks. Will you do this again for me next time?”

Ik: “Sure!” (gives me two thumbs-up and a hug)

Oh…have I mentioned that she just turned twelve last month?

I like her home writing workshop service, and I’ll be sure to use it again. And again and again.

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  1. Mona
    21 July 2010 at 8:56 am (3543 days ago)

    But you can’t help being poetic!

  2. pinoytransplant
    21 July 2010 at 9:41 am (3543 days ago)

    I would like her writing workshop service too. For free? :)

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