potent potions of purple and puce

From last year’s Pilot Iroshizuku line of fountain pen inks – tsukushi (horsetail) and yama-budo (wild grape).

With a name like “horsetail”, I was bound to love  it. Tsukushi is a reddish brown in the bottle, but dries to a shade like milk chocolate that melted in your hand.

Yama-budo is a subdued purple, yet vibrant in the light, like a good red wine in a glass. It dries to violet-red. The notebook is by Te Neues; it feathers.

Pilot has got “quiet elegance” right, from the understated yet attractive colors to the handsome glass bottles that, on first glance, might be mistaken for perfume vessels. The silver cord around the neck and the elliptical shape of the bottle with the heavy glass base add to their subtle charm. It’s a pleasure to fill pens with these hued potions.

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