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POP GOES THE WORLD By Jenny Ortuoste for Manila Standard-Today, 25 November 2010, Thursday

Crawling the Web for You

“You’re listening to DWJO, JennyO Radio! We trawl the depths and dive into the muck of ‘Net so you don’t have to! We serve the latest freshest catch of local and world news with sides of snark at no extra charge!

“On our grill today – tarsiers, condoms, and fireworks in a mish-mash of global happenings guaranteed to make you doubt in a positive future for human evolution.

“First up – Department of Tourism planning and promotions undersecretary Vicente Romano III resigns following the failed unveiling of the DOT’s new logo, ‘Pilipinas Kay Ganda’ which looks almost exactly like the logo of Poland ’s tourism campaign.

“While Romano has shown honor and delicadeza in taking responsibility for the fiasco and letting go of his post – one of the very few Philippine public officials to do so in history – he still contends that using the Polska logo was not plagiarism.

“We would have been impressed with Romano’s self-sacrifice if only he hadn’t said that no copying took place. Anyone who is not legally blind and has a functioning brain can clearly see that the ‘Pilipinas Kay Ganda’ logo was a blatant rip-off.

“The addition of a tarsier, removing the mountains, and changing the pine tree to coconut still  does not negate the fact that the font and critical elements such as a tree, waves, and country name – in short, the general design – were used as a basis for a bad copy job. Can you say ‘cut-and-paste’?

“Further, there were pronouncements from the DOT that no funds were spent on the ‘preview’ of the botched logo. They insisted the event was not a ‘launch’ despite the performance of half-naked dancers gyrating lasciviously in front of a huge backdrop of the Kay Ganda logo. But everyone knows a sexy dance number is mandatory for product and event launches! However, this dance was so inappropriate and in the poorest taste that the tagline should have read ‘Pilipinas Kay Landi’.

We can’t do better than this?! Image here.

“Let’s get back to the money, honey. Journalist Ellen Tordesillas posted on her blog photos of scanned documents that purport to show DOT spent at least P3.7 million for the event. Other estimates put the figure at closer to P5 million. Romano’s resignation might pay for his mistakes, but many questions still go unanswered.

“In related news, advertising agency Campaigns and Grey have disavowed any knowledge of their actions, put the blame on the client, and promised to never again be goaded into doing something against their better judgement. Let us hope that they will adhere to the ethics held as standards in their industry, no matter what the pressure applied and from whom, because earning the ridicule of the international advertising community and risking any potential awards they might win at Cannes is not worth the aggravation.

“Continuing our crawl across the Web, we met these spiders and invited them into our parlor for your edification and entertainment.

“In overseas news, Pope Benedict recently announced that condom use could be acceptable in selected cases, such as during interactions with male prostitutes, in order to reduce risk of contracting the AIDS virus. Female prostitutes should protest on the grounds that the edict is discriminatory and anti-women, like many Vatican policies.

“Catholics who are non-prostitutes might wonder whether they are also allowed to use condoms. Given the Roman Catholic Church’s firm and antiquated stand against artificial contraception, it might be that non-male-prostitute church members will be allowed condom use only upon certifying that they will not use rubbers to prevent pregnancy or risk hellfire and eternal damnation.

“Among the possible outcomes of the Pope’s declaration is that some Catholics fearful of contracting AIDS will have condom-protected sex – but only with male prostitutes, and no longer with their regular partners, leading to a boom in business among male sex workers. Investors could be eyeing business opportunities in condom manufacture and ‘bro-thels’.

“ North Korea has fired upon South Korea in a swaggering show of aggression that has raised tensions across the region and put various military forces on high alert. A local radio broadcaster commented the other day ‘Nagpaputok ng rebentador ang North Korea sa South Korea …’ No offense intended, but because Filipinos tend to use humor as an anxiety-coping mechanism, expect wisecracks to abound in the coming weeks.

“Count on it, when Pinoys joke, it’s either they’re happy and celebrating something, they’re mad and want to get back at someone, or they’re afraid and about to fill their pants with crap.

Pilipinas kay ganda, you’ve been listening to JennyO Radio, where we try to find you good news – but it’s really hard.”

Now you know I’m scared.  Let me go change my pants. ***

I vote for this tarsier to be DOT undersecretary – because he can’t be any worse than the last one. Image here.

Kay Ganda-Polska faceoff image from here.

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  1. pinoytransplant
    25 November 2010 at 9:48 pm (3412 days ago)

    Ms DJ can I make a request? Can you play the song by “Men Without Pants”? (they took it off so they don’t have to change, for they are really scared)

  2. JennyO
    26 November 2010 at 8:54 pm (3411 days ago)

    pinoytransplant: LOL! XD

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