life. it just keeps on happening.

Ooookay. So Plan A didn’t work out as well as I hoped.

Alright, so it sucked. Big time.

This is me going over Plan A and seeing all the holes in it that I didn’t before. Duh. *smacks forehead, reaches for pint of choco-chip mint frozen yogurt*

Well, I am not your intrepid fixer-upper-of-messes for nothing – even messes that I didn’t create by myself. That’s my job description. Now we roll up our sleeves, do damage control, and get back on track.

Goals in life are essential to set the direction for the decisions and actions that we make. It’s one of those things everyone is supposed to know, like knowing that peanut butter goes between two pieces of bread and not on both sides of one piece of bread.

So we make plans and execute them. But real life is not hazard-free – on the contrary. Along the way obstacles appear to gang aft agley even the best-laid plans.

In that case, don’t panic. Sometimes we see the snags ahead of us on the road and can adjust before we hit them. Other times, we’re walloped with a huge branch to the cranium and ¬†we didn’t see it coming because we had stars in our eyes or we didn’t have that one more cup of coffee before setting out on the next stage of the journey or because we thought, this time it’s going to be different, it’s going to be fine, it’s going to be better than it was before.

But that’s life – it happens. Just like shit.

I know I have a Plan B in here somewhere… *rummages in handbag*

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