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After an afternoon of art spent at the Yuchengco Museum at RCBC Plaza, my classmates, professor, and I crossed Buendia Avenue to The Columns condominium in search of food.

We looked at a pizza place, a deli, a Starbucks. Our professor, Dr Joey Lacson, said, “Let’s try the Indian place, neh?”

Which is how we wound up at New Bombay, eager to try their “authentic Indian cuisine”.

Nearly everything on the menu was unfamiliar – paneer? roti? masala? I ended up ordering the empanada-like vegetable samosas – pastry┬ácases stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes – accompanied by green coriander chutney. To balance the tanginess, I had a tall glass of cool and tart mango lassi.

My friends had paneer (cottage cheese and spices and sauce), along with breaded vegetable cutlets (like samosas but without the crust), chicken masala, and two kinds of unleavened bread - roti (thin) and chappati (thick).

Paneer – chunks of homemade cottage cheese with tomatoes.

These tear-drop shaped vegetable cutlets will make you smile with joy. Served with coriander chutney and something that tasted like barbecue sauce.

Chicken masala – tender and juicy.

Indian food is highly spiced. Its flavors set your tastebuds aflame and craving for more. The textures are lush and gorgeous, inviting you to convey the food to your mouth with your hands, making eating a sensual, intimate experience.

Rod called this the “pizza pipino”.

Roti – thick and chewy.

Despite the spices, since everything we ordered was vegetarian, the food was light while still being filling. No heavy oils are used in cooking, making for a clean and refreshing gustatory experience.

Chapatti – flat and flavorful.

Vegetable cutlets, pizza pipino (not its real name), and spinach paneer, fantastic with roti and chapatti.

New Bombay has branches at The Columns, Ayala corner Buendia Avenues; Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati; and 5/F The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigaas Center, Mandaluyong.

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  1. Joel
    26 September 2010 at 7:11 pm (3578 days ago)

    Nice food blog Jenny. These food reminds me of the Indian and Pakistani restaurants I frequent in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia in the early 1990s. Thanks for the blog! cheers …joel

  2. Bea
    26 September 2010 at 11:20 pm (3578 days ago)

    Ay, now that I’ve gotten a closer look at my favorite photo in this collection of yours…I actually like it tons more. I look like half of me. Yay!!!! Thanks, Jenny! For making shaping me like a super model. Hahahaha!

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