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Modification of fountain pen nibs is done by nibmeisters, savvy pen users who can grind plain vanilla or rough nibs to make them smoother or more interesting in terms of line variation or flex. ¬†Fountain pen collector Chito Limson is one such gent, whose ‘chitofied’ nibs are prized by his pen friends, among whom I am fortunate to be counted.

He recently modded three pens for me. All came with stock fine nibs. From top to bottom, a Wality marked ‘Airmail’ from India, a Chinese-made Bulow, and a custom made pen from Rob Beers in Iowa.

After smoothing with micromesh and magic, the Wality is now a crisp italic. Not for daily notetaking, it is toothy and sharp at the edges of the nib to create lettering for special occasions. And doodling.

The Bulow is blingy, heavy, and best wielded unposted.

From a vanilla fine, it is now a sweet cursive italic that yields some line variation since the nib happens to be semi-flex.

The Iowa pen, says Chito, was the easiest to work with and is now a deliciously smooth stub that glides over paper.

It bears a two-tone nib with the edges smoothed to a stub that is wider than a fine, which it was previously.

Nib modification is an option to take stock nibs to the next level. Thanks to Chito and his magic hands, these pens have been transformed and given more character.

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  1. dudaymd
    30 September 2010 at 3:16 pm (3355 days ago)

    wow, I wish I could learn to modify nibs like that.

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