caution: pens at work

Because we fountain-pen enthusiasts can’t get enough of pen pron, here are more images of pens at the racetrack. These were taken at various times last year, some with a Nikon D-60, others with a Nokia cellphone camera, hence the disparity in image quality. Still, they will at least give a look at the context in which I usually play with my pens – when I’m commentating the Santa Ana Park races every other weekend.

The pink pen is a Sheaffer Agio from TAO, who saw it at a shop or flea market somewhere around this time last year. It’s got an F nib, and is perfect fit for me all around (thanks again, TAO!). It’s a reliable daily warrior. The blue is a Pilot Vanishing Point with a Binderized crisp italic nib from Leigh. A fascinating pen, it will have its own blog post later on. The same goes for the two urushi Nakaya Piccolos – the black from TAO, the reddish-black from Leigh.

The older models of the Pilot VP were called “capless” since this model doesn’t have a cap; the nib retracts in and out like some ballpoint pens.

A closer look shows where the nib emerges from. Since it is a crisp italic, it takes some getting used to, with the sharp edges snagging on paper. But with care and practice, wonderful calligraphic effects can be coaxed from the nib.

The black Nakaya and the Sheaffer Agio on a racing program.

The sharp, gold nibs of the Nakayas: the black on top has a medium nib, the kuro-tamenuri below carries a stock flexible fine.

A writing sample by Ik. The Vista she refers to is the Microsoft OS, not the Lamy!

My workhorses are the Lamys – a Raspberry AL-Star (top) and a Vista.

A close-up of the Lamy Raspberry AL-Star’s F nib.

From the top: Aluminum AL-Star, Pink Safari, Vista, and Raspberry. The latter is showing up orange in this image; its true color is reddish.

Pens and writing samples.

Holding the pens up in front of the TV monitor displaying the races. Behind the TV are a broadcast camera and Kino-flo lights. On the left side of the picture is a Starbucks “Philippines” tumbler, most likely drained of coffee by the time this picture was taken.

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6 Comments on caution: pens at work

  1. nivek RN
    13 June 2010 at 1:48 pm (3677 days ago)

    Hey there. I just wanna ask if you are selling these pens. If not, Where do you buy them? thanks a lot! hehe

  2. JennyO
    13 June 2010 at 2:28 pm (3677 days ago)

    Hi! I’m not selling these particular pens. I belong to a fountain-pen collector’s group – Fountain Pen Network-Philippines (FPN-P). Look for us on Yahoo! Groups and join, as sometimes some of the other members have pens for sale. Visit – Leigh has some pens for sale now.

    You can also check out National Bookstore for Parker, Waterman, Rotring, Aurora, and I heard they are stocking Lamy now. Fully Booked carries Inoxcrom. Or, go online – in KL is a reliable and safe site. Read my article on fountain pens for beginners for more tips on where to buy:

    Good luck!

  3. nivek RN
    16 June 2010 at 12:58 am (3675 days ago)

    Hey miss Jenny. thanksfor the tip! hehe. I’m looking for the Schneider zippi or a Platinum Prappy – both cheap and not too executive looking. haha. I hope that i could find them here in the Phils. nice pen works btw.

  4. JennyO
    16 June 2010 at 12:53 pm (3674 days ago)

    Thanks, Nivek! The Schneider Zippi used to be available at Office Warehouse. They might still have it or something similar. Platinum pens, including Preppys, are not sold here in the Phils, but if you have friends in Japan, you could ask them to send some to you. There are inexpensive Parkers at National, and if you visit the University Belt, the office supplies stores in the area, like Corona, have affordable Pilot pens and other brands, because, for one thing, FEU still requires law students to use FPs. Most of the pens in the U-Belt area are ‘new old stock’ (NOS) – brand-new pens but dating back to the ’70s, so they’re vintage. :) Good luck with your pen hunt! Enjoy!

  5. mimi
    28 April 2011 at 1:24 am (3359 days ago)

    super like! ganda ng pens sa pics mo! newbie po ako sa pens… sana makahanap din ako ng green ink sa phils…

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