ooh…philhosting got mad…

I received a  grouchy letter from a Philhosting.net support rep today in response to the blog article I posted about their unsatisfactory handling of my account for six months. I’ll withhold the name of the rep/tech:

FYI, your domain result

Domain Name JENNYO.NET

Whois Server whois.onlinenic.com
Referral URL http://www.OnlineNIC.com
Name Server NS1.WP-PINOY.COM
Name Server NS2.WP-PINOY.COM
Status clientTransferProhibited
Creation Date 30-jul-2008 (2008-2009)1yr – (2009-2010)1yr = 2 yr REGISTERED
Expiration Date 30-jul-2010

And regarding your research, we are fond of that because more of new clients coming to us. That’s our company gain some clients. Please tell your IT guy to study more on Internet field before he give you some concrete result. You applied for SHARED HOSTING, and you demand like you have your own admin access. Much better if you apply an hosting account based on outside the country. Let’s see if you can get support without paying dollar. While local hosting company like us giving you FREE support.Anyway, thank you for hosting with us…and goodluck to your new SHARED hosting company. Account is successfully terminated


What that entire first part was about, I don’t know. I am not an IT guy. I am a newspaper writer and broadcaster. That’s why I have an IT guy. What I do is the content.

Second, if what it means is about the two-year registration, I have my emails and their emails showing, first, that the “purchase” of two years’ registration was “successful”, and when I asked them why my IT guy said we were registered for only one year, they gave a vague answer and later followed up with “jennyo.net successfully renewed”. “Renewed”. That’s the iffy word there.

Now, what does this mean? “You applied for SHARED HOSTING, and you demand like you have your own admin access. Much better if you apply an hosting account based on outside the country. While local hosting company like us giving you FREE support.Let’s see if you can get support without paying dollar.”

Wow – such sarcasm.

I applied for service – continued uninterrupted service, not daily downtimes and downtimes of five days or more. Admin access- what’s that? Am I “demanding”? I’m a paying customer. Don’t I have the right to get what I paid for? Was I not entitled to uninterrupted service?

“Free support” – where’s the support if my site is frequently down?

And then, on top of it all, to be further treated like this in an email. These people have no idea on how to properly handle customers – especially irate and dissatisfied customers.

Contrast Philhosting’s handling of my situation with the way I was treated by Starbucks (see my earlier post on Starbucks being tops in customer care). Starbucks went the extra mile to make up for an inconvenience, whereas Philhosting lambasts me for being “demanding”. I’m the one who had to put up with downtimes, inconvenience, and lost readership, tapos sila pa galit.

Wait a minute. It was the tech/rep guy who wrote me. Who is the owner of Philhosting, and does he know what’s going on in his company, and how his tech people are treating customers?

At least the small customers like myself. Here’s a comment  from someone calling himself “hades”:

im tracking this philhosting.net you say coz im writing some blog( negative or positive) also regarding this problem. I tried to whois your domain but result…

Domain Name:jennyo.net
Record last updated at 2009-01-28 21:43:46
Record created on 2008/7/30
Record expired on 2010/7/30

Domain servers in listed order:
ns1.wp-pinoy.com     ns2.wp-pinoy.com

it will expired in 2010…am i correct? then that should be 2 years. i have read some blogs regarding philhosting and they’re really sucks in reviews. The question is, why? why more of big companies, goverment, locally and internationally hosted to them? Even http://www.pcgg.gov.ph and personal website of madamme president http://www.pcpo.ph is hosted to them…

any comment on this?

Hades, again, I am not an IT guy, so that first part, I don’t know what that means. I guess my IT guy knows.

Next, I have heard that Philhosting has big clients. From what I have researched on the Internet, it’s the small customers like myself who are having problems with Philhosting’s services. What does that sound like to you?

“The thing speaks for itself,” so a lawyer cousin of mine told me. No further comment.

I am not the only victim of this awful company. This is a screenshot of a post by Dean Lozarie.

taste more:

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  1. cadnovice
    18 July 2011 at 2:10 pm (2927 days ago)

    My site is down with regards to the images.
    Would you believe that Val, their IT Guy, told me that this “script”

    background-image: url(cadnovicehead.jpg);

    is the error?

    Where in fact it is part of the other css that controls the other genre of my site. Every genre of my webpages have each own css. Now as Val, the IT guy of philhosting.net, pointed it to me and if he is right, why my entire site’s images are not showing at all at this posting time. Would a single “error” in one of my css override four css of my entire site? It has been 16 hours. I have other problems before, sent email, no replies, waited for hours or days and my site went to normal.

    I believe, we, the small-time bloggers and web admins are being ignored because we pay less. Unlike the big companies who can pay a sum of money to burn their ass with a back-up of legal team in coherence with their terms and conditions upon signing-up.

    I am planning to sign-up with web.com.ph but I am hesitant. I already sent an inquiry and guess what, they have the same ticket system and slow to respond either. In fact, I have seen an article (in hurry, I forgot to bookmarked!) that web.com and philhosting ranked first and second respectively in a one of “bugos” survey.

    Correct me please if I mistaken web.com.ph as a “cousin” of philhosting.

    Maniwala ba kayong nakapag-email ako sa kanila sa salitang Fipino at walang reply? Mali-mali man ang grammar ko sa English dahil sa saturated na ang utak ko sa pagbato-bato ng english para lang maintindihan ng mga dayuhan na walang masyadong alam sa english pero ayokong maniwala na hindi nakakaintindi ang philhosting support team sa email ko.

  2. cadnovice
    18 July 2011 at 2:21 pm (2927 days ago)

    ..and here’s to the SHARED HOSTING principle from web-hosting-top.com:

    “If you are looking for cheapest hosted solution, going with shared web hosting (or budget hosting) is basically your best choice. However, you should expect the most unreliable service (compared with VPS, Cloud or Dedicated) and here great sysadmins and top customers support are crucial. For a small website and NON critical email communication, you can definitively give a try to such service. In latest years, most companies tried to offer very good shared hosting service, because the ROI is maximal here. Most of them are offering plans with unlimited space, traffic, email accounts, free domain registration and unlimited hosted domains.”

    So, for those who applied for shared hosting with philhosting, this is it!

    28 September 2011 at 4:41 am (2856 days ago)

    I’m not defending them or anything, pero so far so good pa naman ung stats ng philhosting sakin.
    atm im still building my new site on their serv, and c-panel is good in every way, specially kung techie ka ^_^

    but I just cannot figure out as to bakit napakarami downtime ng philhosting??

    naka budget din ako na hosting kaso per month lng, di naman me mayaman ^_^

    domain name reg, so far ok para sakin, natuwa lng naman kc ako dahil pede ka mag bayad ng cash, sosyal diba ahaha, shared hosting ok din, kc ftp access lng naman ang gusto ko
    di ko naman need ng command line access, papahirapan ko pa ung sarili ko kung mag v-vps pa ako
    unli bandwidth and unli space ok din, kc balak ko mag i-upload ung atleast lahat ng mp3′s ko sa kanila LOL

    so site hosted by philhosting should be up and running anytime soon, as soon as makaisip din ako ng bagong domain para sa site.

    anyway atm my site is being hosted by NS, if you guys can afford naman ng magandang hosting, go w/ international na dba.

    peace out Y^_^Y

  4. Trisha Sebastian
    14 November 2011 at 11:30 am (2808 days ago)

    Thank you for sharing this. I was searching for who is the owner of Philhosting when I found your site. I just registered a domain with them but my status is still pending after 3 days, and their customer support service is offline. Have followed up on them already but to no avail. That was just such a bad customer service… Anyway. Have you transferred to another web host? Is there a better alternative to them? I would definitely appreciate your advice on this. Thanks and God bless

  5. mark
    7 May 2012 at 1:46 pm (2633 days ago)

    philhosting is terrible company. very lause! poor performance of website. always down their server. sucks philhost. no support at all. so dont waste your time investing here.. ive experienced heree. and i didnt renew

  6. ulf gustafsson
    27 August 2012 at 2:13 pm (2521 days ago)

    Yes, Philhosting is the worst company in webhosting ive seen.. The suspended my account without reason, but they will face legal charges for this..

    So DO not sign up with philhosting! Its a scam..

  7. Art
    27 September 2012 at 11:51 pm (2490 days ago)

    I guess I must include my own experiences as of this writing. It has been devastating here in my part, that I could not even think well because of what had happened in my three (3) websites. I could concentrate at the office because of my websites. It seems all my efforts on those websites will turn to scratch? I received a “Termination Notice” due to unpaid billing. This is not the first time that it happened. This is the second time just last month. But now, I am so worried of the termination notice, well in fact I’ve been paying the monthly bill promptly, debited through my Paypal account. Then I received notice that I have unpaid bill. Oh my God! Why they are accusing me as such, here is this 2checkout.com was the one who made the debit transactions thru my Paypal account.
    Yesterday, I made bank transaction just to let the status of my account will set to paid and to let my websites won’t be terminated. But, it’s been past 24hours, still I haven’t received any feedback yet… I am really worried very very much…
    As of this writing, my websites are currently suspended, it has been four (4)days now…
    I really don’t know what to do…

  8. ysa
    12 October 2012 at 10:59 pm (2475 days ago)

    I bought a domain name from these hacks. It was fine for about a year. Then it was time to renew. They told me I didn’t pay on time and my domain was past renewal pd, and that it was already in redemption period. Basically being recycled if anyone wanted to use it for themselves, and was currently unavailable because it was going through a “cleansing process” of sorts. Since I had already paid, they told and ASSURED me that once it was available again, they would re-register it for me.

    Ok na sana, but my domain was basically cybersquatted on and the rep actually blamed me! Pfft. Since I had P500 with them, they asked if I wanted to refund, but by this time I had already read different reviews about their refund process na basura at pahihirapan ka ng husto. I ended up just registering a different domain with them. Kainis.

  9. cebuWebguy23
    16 February 2013 at 3:40 pm (2348 days ago)

    worst! scam philhosting.net. Just bought a domain and its already 4 days now! without reply! well they sent automated generate ticket support what the hell is support ticket without replying! San po ba pwede magreklamo tungol sa mga ganito?.bad trip..

  10. Armand Gestah
    2 April 2013 at 12:06 pm (2303 days ago)

    I just bought one Philhosting.net hosting services 2 days ago. Just a 6 months one to test with. Then after few days, they mailed me that I refunded my payment. I tried looking at my paypal account if it was refunded but there were no refund transactions. In fact, the last transaction I made was the one I paid on them. After that mail, they closed all tickets and never heard of them. I can assure you that Philhosting.net scam customers in a small way. It just happened that we have a SEO and link-building business that I can promote a negative review on them.

  11. Aldreen Meyer
    10 April 2013 at 6:35 pm (2295 days ago)

    Jesus Christ! who the hell runs Philhosting?
    Why are they still existing? I came from them, then transferred to other web-host because:

    1. Refund is really impossible with them.
    2. Rep’s are A$$h0les and rude.
    3. They claim that they have “big” clients but it looks like these are the only once catered to, small and personal sites are left unaided.

    So if you’re still planning to get plans from them; think twice Philhosting sucks on this. Smaller web hosting companies does the job better and even greater than Philhosting.

    And to guys that terrorized me and other unsuspecting clients, that’s what our middle finger is for!

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