inspired invention: ideastyle laptop sleeve

With gadgets necessary for work and play getting smaller and easier to carry around, the next thing to consider is how to transport them safely.

Laptops and their sensitive LCD screens especially need to be well-protected. Having recently acquired an 8.9″ Acer Aspire One, I was looking for a cushiony case that would stand up to the diverse hard contents of my handbag – hairbrush, hardcover Moleskine notebooks, and whatnot.

At a recent trip to Glorietta 3 mall at the Ayala Center in Makati, my sister the shopping maven came upon a small kiosk stocked with cases and sleeves of all sizes.

Media/Quest/Marketing kiosk at G3 (near Dad’s and Powerbooks)

They carry the Ideastyle range from Taiwan. They’re made of Memory Foam, a material that’s soft and spongy and “remembers” the shape of things that are placed upon it Press the surface and a dent forms that slowly and gradually springs back to its original shape. There are many colors and styles to choose from.


The case fits snugly. Since it’s stretchy, it was able to accommodate my netbook with its oversize six-hour battery with just a little fudging.

Other cases are available on the market that are made of neoprene. It’s soft, but lacks the superior protection that Memory Foam affords.


The laptop can be inserted in to the sleeve normally and removed entirely for use…


…or it can be used as a cover/case by using straps to insert the monitor into. The wallpaper is original photography by artist and advertising executive Leigh Reyes; get it, and other fountain-pen themed wallpaper, here.

It’s terrific when you find a product that fits your needs and works with you, instead of you having to work with it.

My all-time favorite inspired invention though, is and always will be, the banana guard. In pink.

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