hong kong color

Hong Kong in winter, right after the Lunar New Year but still during the celebration, was a a feast of color and texture.


Flowers along Canton Road.

More color comes from other things – seals at a stall at the Stanley Street Market, for instance.


The seals (yin) are usually of marble or other stones, or plastic. They will be carved with a person’s personal name for use on official documents (chop), using an ancient script form. Seals may also be engraved with corporate names and studio names. For the tourist market, seals are carved with the person’s name in Anglo and Chinese and are not for official use.


The seals come with Chinese zodiac animal finials while some are plain cylinders. Those are only for Chinese names; Anglo names would not fit.


Metal exercise balls for the hands.

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  1. Craig
    23 January 2010 at 12:19 pm (3824 days ago)

    The best coffee shop in china is the starbucks at Westlake in Hangzhou, its an old double storey mansion overlooking the westlake. I’ve travelled all around china always buying coffee’s.

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