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Last January 17, Fountain Pen Network-Philippines had a mini-meet at the Bonifacio High Street Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at The Fort, to hook up with Baguio-based FPN-P member, businessman and penmeister Butch Palma (known as TOB or “The Other Butch”), who breezed into Manila that same afternoon.

As usual, the hours spent together were devoted to discussing and trying out each other’s fountain pens and inks.

Jenny’s PR Shell Pink, Leigh’s CdA Caribbean Sea, and TOB’s PR DC Supershow Blue, with Jenny’s Wahl, Pelikan M150, and Moore vest pen.


Leigh tries out the Wahl and the Moore.


Group picture – this is what they live for! Leigh’s three Wahls, Jay’s Mabie Todd Swan, and Jenny’s Wahl.


Chito and TOB try out a polishing wax for plastic pen bodies.


If TOB uses it, it must be good! This little tin, he says, can last years.


Chito, TOB, and Jenny’s doodles on Chito’s pad. The brown sample on the bottom right (“Butch”) was written with UP professor Dr. Butch Dalisay’s (“D’OB” or D’Original Butch) vintage Parker Vacumatic with a rare flexible nib. He says it was made in Canada, and that the Canadian issues tend to be more flexible. The black sample in the center (“Chito”) is made with Chito’s modern Pelikan M1000 which also has a deliciously flexible fine nib.


Leigh also tries out Chito’s Peli M1000. The orange sample is made with Johannes’s Peli M1000 with a broad nib. D’OB says that in the Peli models below M1000 – M800, M400, and so on – the nibs aren’t flexible at all.


Jay holds up one of TOB’s pencases. This is a good design. Elastics and sleeves keep the pens secure.


Leigh’s Frankensnork – a Sheaffer Snorkel put together with parts from different pens.


One of Leigh’s Nakayas with a writing sample in green Pilot Iroshizuku “Syo-ro” (Pine Dew). Lovely pen, beautiful ink, graceful calligraphy! The paper is Rhodia fax paper.

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  1. TAO
    23 January 2009 at 8:53 am (4178 days ago)

    This is my usual “Great post” comment about your coverage of the pen meet. You don’t just comment on them you report them! Great pictures too, I might add. And this one is instructional as well since I’ve never heard of a wax polish to use on pens.

    I keep wondering if one of these days Leigh will slip up and only pen something that looks lovely and not fantastically lovely.

    Of course the think I like best is seeing the frankensnork again! Since it is the result of my mad experiments creating a snorkel from the cadavers of other ones I like to see my monster out in the wild. However, I still wish I had coaxed some more ink flow from it. I’ve got another flex snorkel that I did a few more things to and now the ink flow is perfect.

    Lastly (wordy me tonight) even the normal Canadian vacs have more flex than their US brethren. I’ve got one here which I’m putting together and hoping the flex will be above average. Unluckily I found a stress fracture in it so I’m a bit depressed. Oh well. We’ll see what happens with it. Maybe the thought of it having to bear my poor handwriting made it crack with fear.

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