alex attends her first penmeet

The Fountain Pen Network-Philippines had a penmeet last April 4. I wasn’t able to attend as it was a work weekend for me. The penmeet was held at Cravings restaurant in Shangri-La Mall, EDSA. I missed seeing my FPN-P friends, among them Butch Palma, who is Bali-based now and we seldom get to see him.

Leigh Reyes had a pen for me, as did Prof. Butch Dalisay and Raffy Abrina, so I sent  my daughter Alex to the penmeet in my stead to pick up the pens for me.

Here’s Alex’s impression of the meeting, in her own words and photos:

It was my first time to attend a penmeet on my own. Everyone was very nice. When I got inside Cravings, Prof. Butch saw me then I went in. And then someone said like “Hey, Alex is here!”

L: Caloy, Kurt, Butch Palma, Leigh. R: Prof. Butch Dalisay.

I just sat there and watched a bit, then roamed around, peeked over Tita Leigh’s shoulder when she opened her pencase, and watched people.

There were people around a table laden with pens, ink, and desserts, and water glasses with the water inside colored various shades. Like people rinsed pens in them. I was like, “I’m not drinking that.”


L-R:  Chito, Iñigo, Leigh, Butch P., Caloy, Kurt, JP.

Tito Chito treated me to a chocolate banana split, and they included me in the raffle, and I won a bottle of Private Reserve Fast Dry Ultra Black. Tito TOB gave me a dip pen set with scented ink for Ik.

Then there was a small blueberry cheesecake on the table, and Tito Iñigo offered it to Tita Leigh, and she said “Yay, cheesecake!”, which I thought was so cute. You wouldn’t expect a grown lady who’s sophisticated to say that. She’s cool like that. Oh, and her calligraphy was pretty and elegant and I wish I could draw abstract flowers like she did.


On the table in front of Iñigo is the cheesecake.

I don’t remember a lot because I have the attention span of a butterfly.

When I got home that evening, I was vastly entertained by Alex’s stories, besides being happy with the Pilot 74 from Leigh, the Caswell from Prof. Butch, the Lamy 26p from Raffy, and – a wonderful and unexpected surprise – a Sheaffer frankenpen from American penfriend Tom Overfield. (More on the pens in another post.)

So although I didn’t get to attend the penmeet myself, I saw it through my daughter’s eyes, and enjoyed it just the same.

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3 Comments on alex attends her first penmeet

  1. TAO
    6 April 2009 at 5:34 pm (4106 days ago)

    I love Alex’s comments on the meet! It’s sweet how nice everyone was to her. She remembered quite a lot for being ADBD (attention deficit butterfly disorder)! Thanks for the pictures and the report. Glad it was a multi-pen day for you even if you sent a proxy.

  2. Alex
    7 April 2009 at 8:03 am (4106 days ago)

    But but but…Tita Leigh was the one who said “I have the attention span of a butterfly” o_o but she’s still cool like that XD
    The pen people are so nice :D
    And yay cheesecake!!

  3. TAO
    7 April 2009 at 12:38 pm (4106 days ago)

    LOL! I didn’t know the “butterfly attention span” was a quote from Leigh about Leigh. Well, that observation and yours about her being cool are both very true. Pen women are always cool! Ask your mother! :D
    Oh, and I’ve had so much fun poking fun at Leigh about the cheesecake! I’ve nicknamed her the “Cheesecake Sophisticate”! Thanks for the fun review Alex!

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