wow, so plenty of paths and trees in UP, parang jungle, i swear.

Last Tuesday I was at UP, noh, the one in Diliman. Yeah, ‘coz I had to get my ID na talaga, kasi the ones they’re giving out this year have the UP Centennial logo, it’s really cute talaga.

I looked for the OUR pa – you know, the Office of the University Registrar – kasi that’s where we have to get the ID daw. Then I got lost trying to find it ‘coz the last time I was here in UP was antagal na talaga, noh. I don’t even know that OUR, I swear. Someone told me nalang to ride the┬áToki jeep.

So I waited for one near Shopping Center. Grabe, there’s a “free ride” Toki pala. So kahit it was hard for me to make sakay on the jeep ‘coz I was carrying a lot of books, I rode it pa rin.

But all the other passengers got down before I did. Tapos me and the driver nalang were left. He drove the jeep to the Math building na, gosh, it didn’t exist when I was an undergraduate, I swear! He let me down there and told me to walk.

I said, “Why naman, mamang driver, will you make me walk? I might get lost pa!” He told me, “There’s a path there. Just follow it. Then ride the Ikot to OUR.” Wow, he spoke in English, galing talaga the drivers in UP.

So I looked for the path. Wow, meron nga. All paved and everything, with lanterns pa along the way. So sosyal talaga.

So many plants everywhere talaga, also trees. UP must be vegetarian, noh? Galing the architecture, even the paths are nice, paved in a herringbone pattern and parang origami with the tuklap-tuklap, I swear.


I even saw a bridge! Wow! I couldn’t believe it!


O, see, there’s a waterfall effect pa. Galing talaga, noh!


Nice in UP, noh? Parang gubat, I swear. But you have to make lakad-lakad nga lang all over the place to see the things like this. So don’t wear high heels or wedge sandals ‘coz you might make tapilok, then you’ll be wa-poise, yaks!

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5 Comments on wow, so plenty of paths and trees in UP, parang jungle, i swear.

  1. Alex
    16 December 2008 at 11:14 pm (4222 days ago)

    Mama, your IQ like so very dropped 20 points, noh?

  2. sarah
    17 December 2008 at 7:43 am (4221 days ago)

    like, sosyal! :P

  3. joel
    17 December 2008 at 8:12 pm (4221 days ago)

    jenny, just split my funny bone with your noh-noh-speak, my dutch colleagues must be thinking i’m getting sira ulo, noh, wa-poise! but nice talaga your blog. salamats sa blogroll, galing talaga!

  4. Jenny
    18 December 2008 at 11:22 am (4220 days ago)

    Hi, Joel, thanks very much! blast from the past ba, the ’80s slang speak nung panahon natin? I had soOo much fun writing this talaga, I swear! :) )

  5. AL
    20 December 2008 at 3:27 am (4219 days ago)

    Liked it :-) A change from the norm. Even Alex’s comment was funny. Enjoyed this one. Talaga. I swear!

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