waterman violet

Finally – after months of searching for bottled ink that was not either black or blue-black, I struck gold yesterday at National Book Store – Greenbelt 1. They had one single solitary bottle of Waterman Violet which I snapped up. I asked the very helpful salesclerk if she had any others, but sadly, there were none. She did, however, take down my name and number and promised to call if they got any others in.

Back at home, I rinsed out the Parker Quink blue-black from my Parker 75 Milleraies and filled it with this lovely violet potion. It goes on and dries exactly this colorĀ - perfect! However, a quick rinse test (10 seconds under running water) showed 50% fading immediately. Meaning, this ink is very pretty to use and look at – it’s buttery smooth – but don’t expect it to last forever.

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