vintage pen case is…way cool.

When writer and university professor Dr. Jose “Butch” Y. Dalisay Jr. and his wife, artist June Poticar-Dalisay, came to watch the races at Santa Ana Park last Sunday, sir Butch brought this vintage leather pen case for me to keep my collection in. (Thanks so much, sir!)

It’s stamped “Sheaffer” on the lower right-hand corner, in gold foil that has dimmed through the years. The chocolate-colored leather is still shiny; the stitching, perfect. It could have been a salesman’s sample case.

Inside, it’s lined with glossy tan silk. On the left side of the case is a pocket – for price lists? Inventory? I’ll be keeping a list and description of the pens here. The other side is a silk flap that secures to the spine with Velcro tape.


The flap opens to reveal elastics to hold sixteen pens.


L-R, top row: All Sheaffers – Carmine Striated Balance petite refillable pencil (it has a matching fountain pen which I am using daily); 1920s hard-rubber ringtop from sir Butch; 1930s and ’40s celluloid Lifetime Black and Pearl, Lifetime Marine Green, mid-size Brown Striated, lady Jet Black (from sir Butch), junior Ebonized Pearl, and petite Black and Pearl. The last one – maroon with metal cap – is a 1940s Tuckaway with a Triumph point.

Bottom row: two Parker Vacumatics, green and gray; Jade Green Wahl Eversharp with a manifold (very stiff) nib; red Esterbrook; Pilot 77 (from Luis Store, Escolta); and, from Leigh, two circa-’70s long-shorts, from Sailor and Platinum (“Iris”).

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  1. Jude
    23 January 2009 at 10:07 am (4178 days ago)

    My Dad loves fountain pens but was not able to keep his old ones. And he absolutely refused to use the ones using cartridges for its ink refill. I want to give him a fountain pen as a gift but unfortunately, I am an ignoramus on these things. Can you please advise me on where are the best places to buy them and (my biggest worry) where we can buy bottled ink?
    I’ve inquired at the malls but the usual answer is they don’t sell any more bottled ink.

  2. Jenny
    23 January 2009 at 10:28 am (4178 days ago)

    Hey, Jude…

    Thanks for reading my blog!

    Good fountain pens are available at National Bookstore (NBS) – Waterman, Parker, and Aurora. There are also other brands like Cross, Rotring, and Inoxcrom, but for your dad I’d recommend the first three brands.

    Many modern fountain pens use cartridges, but converters are available for them. They are inserted into the nib just like carts, but there’s a twisty screw at the bottom that allows you to draw ink into them through the nib. I imagine your dad would prefer this. Parker has converters at NBS..

    NBS carries bottled ink, but not a very wide range. Hindi naman sila nauubusan ng Parker Quink Black, and they often have blue-black and blue. They also stock Waterman and Aurora inks, again generally in those same colors. So don’t worry, we do have bottled ink in Manila.

    There’s also an FP store in Escolta – Luis Store – that carries modern and NOS (new old stock) vintage pens. They also carry Parker Quink bottled ink. They have a wide range of pens and your dad might find models from decades ago that he’s familiar with. Many of the FPs they have are fitted with aerometric fillers – the rubber sacs that you squeeze to draw ink up through the nib. Luis Store is near Santa Cruz church, near Pizza Hut. It is right beside Vision Line optical.

    You might also consider buying online. Try Kuala Lumpur-based and These are proven and tested sellers. There’s always eBay, of course, and US sellers like and

    Check out the Pelikan range. Your dad might like the M800 or M1000. It uses a piston-fill system – not carts. I also highly recommend the Japanese brands – Sailor, Pilot, and Platinum.

    Hope this helps! Happy pen hunting!

  3. pallida Mors
    9 March 2009 at 3:23 am (4133 days ago)

    Nice collections of vintage pens!

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