vanilla yankee candle

Oyet’s sister Ate Gigi (Ma. Gracia B. Alcasid) introduced me to Yankee Candle products when we visited her in her former home in North Carolina in 2000. She scattered candles in her favorite scents throughout her house. After cooking, for instance, she would light a votive and leave it on the stove for about an hour. After dinner, a Housewarmer jar candle like this one would waft its sweet fragrance as we gathered around the living room to chat.

That time, she took me to the Yankee Candle store at the mall and she let me fill a tray of twelve Sampler votives to take home.

Now that Ate Gi lives in New York, she still has her love for these candles, as I do. During our visit to her last February 2007, I bought a Housewarmer jar in French Vanilla (just like in the picture), a couple of smaller jars in the same scent, and a tray of votives mostly in vanilla-based scents.

The smell of vanilla soothes and calms me. It’s just one of my favorite things, like strawberries and Corelle dishes and Oneida silverplate. Just a single Yankee Candle votive can fill a room with your favorite fragrance.

Think of it as a necessary indulgence, because you have to take care of yourself too.

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