todoodlist: simple ways to productivity through paper

Witty Brit writer Nick Cernis offers a simple paper-based productivity and time-management system in his e-book Todoodlist.

Cernis says that complex systems and electronic devices such as PDAs “only add to stress levels.” He explains, “Technology often increases the problem of being productive. It doesn’t always solve it.”

Inspired by methods he developed “to be more productive with less based on my own experience as a fallen gadget geek,” Cernis wrote Todoodlist as a guide for the rest of us. It’s an e-book that “teaches fun ideas and productive methods to get things done using simpler tools that help reduce stress, not compound it.”

What’s in the book? Nick says:

The full contents are split across three handy sections for quick reference:

Part 1) Seven punchy, light-hearted essays exploring our complex lives that tackle the question: “Why’s everything so complex, anyway?” Includes Zen Kitten in a Box and Parrots in Space.

Part 2) Five fun, unmissable, paper-based systems that will change the way you look at pen and paper forever and help you simplify your life. (Don’t miss the story of how I ended up swapping my PDA for a banana!) Features the Todoodlist – a fun way to get things done on paper, and the Sudoku Calendar - another of the deliciously low-tech ideas I use every day.

Part 3) The Five-Step Guide to reduce complexity in your life. Practical advice to help you live simply that you can put into practice and get results with today. Part Three also includes the blueprint for launch, a beautifully simple, one-page printable list of questions to help you launch new projects faster and turn your pipe dreams into reality.

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  1. Hellenek
    26 October 2008 at 12:42 am (4273 days ago)

    Thanks for mentioning this. Hadn’t heard about it and it seems to be what I was looking for.

    Love your blog by the way, gives me an insight into your wonderful country.

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