thou shalt covet…

…these fountain pens.

Sigh. They’re beautiful, and they are on my wish list right now.

Pelikan M200 is an affordable line of Pelikans, though the M150s are a bit cheaper. Pelikan is a long-established German brand, lately acquired by Malaysian investors. The translucent “demonstrator” M200s are absolutely yummy, like Jello you can hold in your hand. Check out the red (I want…!)…

and the blue…


They also came in green, amber, and anthracite (gray). Unfortunately, Pelikan has discontinued these droolable pens; instead, they now come in blue or green marble, and the ubiquitous black.

Pelikans are great because of the high quality; it’s been said among fountain pen collectors that every serious collector should own at least one Pelikan.

Another on my wishlist is the new Sailor Sapporo Professional Gear LE (Limited Edition) in Pink, for Spring 2008. This one has an MF (medium-fine) nib in 14k gold with rhodium plating. Sailor, founded in Japan in 1911 by engineer Kyugoro Sakata, is among the most respected global brands of fountain pens.


The Waterman Phileas is considered the perfect “beginner’s FP”: not too expensive, since it has a steel nib rather than gold, and is sturdy. It’s also good-looking.


None of these are available here in the Philippines. Though Waterman is carried at National Bookstore, they don’t have the Phileas FP, only the BP.

Sigh. *covet covet covet * ….

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2 Comments on thou shalt covet…

  1. bangkai
    8 May 2008 at 11:38 am (4442 days ago)

    Hi Go Girl

    Good news! Pelikan has NOT discontinued the translucent M200 series. They are still available but a bit hard to find, tho. You can try (no affiliation). They may still carry some. I know another shop that definitely stocks them here in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately they (KS Gill) do not do mail order.

    BTW, I own the red, amber and green M200s. As you say, these are great pens. My red M200 is my all time favourite even though it is not as expensive as ‘blingsome’ as some of the other pens in my collection.

  2. gogirlracing
    10 May 2008 at 9:58 am (4440 days ago)

    Hello! thanks for the info? where may I order one? I especially want the reeed one like yours… :)

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