caffeine and sugar cement a friendship

It happens that I might need to go to a strange mall or row of restaurants to meet someone, perhaps over pastries or dinner. In that case,  I always look for a Starbucks to have coffee at. Yesterday I was at Robinson’s Mall in Manila for the first time. They have a Starbucks at the lower level, fronting the street. It’s very near St. Paul’s College, so there were a lot of student- and professor-types hunched over laptops, their cups of coffee perched precariously on top of textbooks.

I was at the mall to meet my best friend Adelle and her youngest daughter, Sophie. Adelle’s an editor at a daily broadsheet newspaper.


Adelle and I meet up for dinner every couple of months or so. After an expansive meal, we usually trace our way to the nearest Starbucks for coffee and conversation. Each cradling a warm cup, sharing a Sans Rival cake or an eclair, we share the latest in our lives, lend each other support, and build and maintain our friendship.

With caffeine and sugar, anything is possible.

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