tudor parfitt: the lost ark of the covenant

He’s been described as “a British Indiana Jones”. Intrepid Oxford-educated scholar Tudor Parfitt, the non-Jewish Professor of Modern Jewish Studies at the University of London’s prestigious School of Oriental and African Studies, embarked on a twenty-year quest to find one of religion’s most mysterious artifacts – the Lost Ark of the Convenant.

Several Old Testament books, from Exodus onwards, tell the story of the Ark, a receptacle of wood and gold made upon God’s command to hold the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, a pot of manna, and Aaron’s rod that budded.

Just like Noah’s Ark, it is an artifact with deep significance that, if found, would have profound impact upon modern Christianity, Islam, other religions, and┬ádisciplines such as archaeology and history.

In the course of his studies and travels to Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, Israel, Egypt, and many other lands, Parfitt believes that he has solved this centuries-old mystery and found the Ark of the Covenant.

He tells the story of his quest and its successful (to him) conclusion in his book The Lost Ark of the Covenant, published earlier this year.

Dr. Parfitt with a Gogodala (Papua New Guinea) tribesman; his controversial book

Has he, indeed, found the Ark? He is convinced that he has. I could tell you what he discovered, but that would be such a spoiler.

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