tanabe: turning japanese

A birthday, at any age, is always special and must be celebrated. So for Oyet’s 44th, we tried out Tanabe, a Japanese restaurant at Mall of Asia.

The place is decorated in restful grays and tans. The ten-page menu is crammed with all sorts of delectables. Try the Beef Mini-Gyudon; it’s tender and sweet. It comes with a salad, tofu, and miso soup.

Also highly recommended are the Vegetable Spring Rolls, the Ebi Tempura, Tamago Maki, and the Salmon Sashimi, so fresh and succulent. The California Maki is particularly good; the sushi chef had a liberal hand with the roe. The rice rolls filled with mango, kani, and cucumber, which can be dry at chain establishments, are juicy at Tanabe and are a visual treat, plated on a turquoise dish.


The evening was made especially memorable by staff Neri and Rose, who, upon learning what we were celebrating, came out of the kitchen at the end of our meal bearing plates of sliced watermelon and pineapple, and singing “Happy Birthday”. Thanks to restaurateur Tony de Ubago for a wonderful dinner and a magical evening, now a part of our family memories.

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