sunday lunch at max’s

Max’s at Greenbelt 1 beckoned to us for lunch last Sunday. As usual, a christening celebration was being held in the backroom, while the front dining area was crammed. Max’s, a Filipino classic established in the ’50s, is a favorite for family celebrations.

On the wall, a photomural shows the menu and prices of over forty years ago.


While it calls itself “the house that fried chicken built”, Max’s has added other dishes to its repertoire, constantly re-inventing itself over the years.

Alex, Ik, and I shared half a chicken, pasta carbonara with garlic bread, and lumpiang shanghai with sweet-and-sour sauce.


Dessert was leche flan in a pool of golden syrup, and halo-halo with everything on it.


Ube ice cream sprinkled with pinipig crowns the halo-halo; chunks of flan, ube jam, plaintain banana, with other sweet preserves add to the medley of flavors that speak of a Filipino summer.


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