sunday at boni hi street

After attending services at Union Church of Manila in the morning, the kids and I decided to spend the afternoon at The Fort’s Bonifacio High Street, a trendy strip of upscale malls that houses Fully Booked’s flagship store – our mother ship. It reminds us a lot of the Borders we visited in the US last year.

One of the main attractions at Boni Hi Street is the Krispy Kreme. I first tasted it in Van Nuys, CA, way back in 2001, but I don’t remember it tasting as good then and there as it does now and here. Maybe because I now get to share it with my kids, Alex and Ik.

The store is most interesting whenever they are whipping up a batch of fresh donuts, untouched by human hands! Here, the uncooked rings of dough drop into the fryer and float on a pool of hot oil into a “flipper” that flips them to cook the other side to a golden-brown perfection.


When both sides are cooked, the donuts pass under a glaze waterfall, to come out wonderfully iced.


The glass cases are full of “assorted donuts” dressed up with different glazes, icings, and sprinkles.


Boni Hi Street has several fountains and rocks, terrific for photo ops.


The landscaping is gorgeous although the grass lawn is bald in some places.


Boulders scattered strategically across the balding lawns provide perfect backdrops. This one’s for Ik and her new Starbucks bearista bear “Butter” the “bearterfly”.


At home, the box of iced donuts looks very tempting, very tempting indeed.


Butter joins his fellow bearistas on the corner chair – Bearcat, Mallow the bunny, Bearguin, and Pietro the birthday fruit bat.


So much to be thankful for – kids, donuts, and teddy bears.

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  1. vanessa
    18 April 2008 at 9:50 am (4464 days ago)

    hi! it’s so nice of you to feature starbucks. your daughter seems to really love her bearista bear collections. i hope you could also visit the QC stores where i work. hope to see you in my store soon!

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