starbucks at power plant mall

We continue our tour of Manila’s Starbucks branches with a visit to the one at PowerPlant Mall, Rockwell, Makati. The store looks pretty much like the others inside, with the same furniture and lamps. The baristas here are very helpful and gracious.

Their glass cases full of pastries are a visual treat. They always seem to glow and make the food look extremely appetizing.


It’s a very small store that is always packed with shoppers and students from the nearby Ateneo Professional Schools. This branch should really expand and get more space. It’s always so crowded. When I was attending the Ateneo Graduate School of Business for my MBA from 2005-06, my classmates and I preferred the Starbucks that used to be beside the tennis court as it seemed to be slightly more spacious. (It and other nearby restaurants have been moved several meters closer to Ateneo to make way for the construction of One Rockwell.)


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