spelling champ

Ik won another spelling medal, for the fourth year in a row. Her language teacher said she’s now part of the Hall of Fame. I wonder if they will still let her compete next year?

Congratulations, Ik!

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  1. malou sellner
    25 December 2008 at 2:42 pm (4176 days ago)

    hi nens,

    merry christmas!!!!!

    we,tried calling you up but your phones were out . so iam writing this to let you know we tried. we will have a quiet x-mas and papa is going to george for their yearly get together and catch up with chis-mis. i still have my cold so iam stay at home . i rather stay home now than go around. did you get my e-mail-sorry i can’t find the question mark. were you able to give the barcelonas their x-mas cards? i found it!
    papa is schedule for his colonoscopy early next year, he has 2 weeks vacation so i have to be around. we’ll be very busy after new year going to and from kaiser. did you get my previous e-mail the other day. anak, indi ka malipat siganon mo ang kabataan nga magpasalmat kay tif cay nahulog and iya guya nga sa akon sila nagpasalamat nga halin sa iya and tanan nga anemie cay stuffed toys. thanks.
    merry christmas again to all and to all a good-night.

    lots of love

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