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Ik and I were walking through Powerplant mall the other day when I decided to drop by Office Warehouse to see if they had any fountain pen converters.

They don’t, but they do have these scrumptious Schneider fountain pens for kids. Called “zippi”, they come in blue, gray, pink, orange, and green, have an “A” (beginner) nib, and take a short international cartridge. They are very short, so you can’t “piggy-back” a spare cartridge inside, but they write very smoothly. I got a pink one for myself, a blue one for Ik, and a gray one for Alex.

They are quite cheap – P89 each (about US$2.17 by present rates), while a six-pack of cartridges costs P21 (US$0.51). I told Ik it was her first fountain pen, and that she could work up to a Waterman or Montblanc later on – much, much later on.

Since Ik loves to draw and doodle, filling notebooks full with her manga sketches and stories, she really appreciates her new pen.

Schneider is a German brand that’s been around quite a while, but is synonymous with affordability and functionality rather than luxury. But because of their efforts, users now have more choices and those who felt they could not afford one before, can now have more than one colorful fountain pen if they wish!

The company makes other models of fountains pens (go to, but all are geared to students rather than older professionals. They seem very dependable and the quality is good. Actually, it is the smoothest and least scratchy of my three pens, the other being an Inoxcrom Jordi Labanda and the other a Parker Jotter. The ages of the Inoxcrom and Parker might have something to do with it (I got them two, three years ago), but I was still very pleased that the Schneider performed excellently right off the bat.

My latest “cheap pen” buy was an Inoxcrom Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. It is a “mini”, very short, just a smidgen longer than the short cartridge. This one writes smoothly also, no skips, no blots. The ink flowed the second I stuck in the cartridge. I love this pen to pieces because it is very very pink with yellow flowers. Got it this afternoon from National Bookstore for P230 (US$5.60). It’s from the 2007 Tutti Frutti range.


Is this my new Moleskine companion? I guess so, at least for now, because it’s compact, cheap, and PINK!

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  1. Mona
    26 November 2008 at 6:19 pm (4243 days ago)

    Hahaha! I have this one. It’s cute, but sometimes feels a bit short.

  2. Giean
    13 April 2012 at 11:24 pm (3009 days ago)

    do these FP also have a variety of nib? like fine, medium and broad?

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