lo siento, ella no funciona sin cafe.

“We’re sorry, but the Jenny you are trying to access is down for maintenance at the moment. Caffeine levels in her blood have not yet reached the required level for optimum function. Please try again later after she has ingested a minimum of 16 ounces of high-octane coffee. Thank you for waiting.”

Alright, I’ve just had a French press-full of this particular brew – Starbucks Ethiopia Sidamo – and it is good. It’s somewhat tangy with a milder taste than my previous bag of Starbucks Sulawesi. Now that blend turned out to be temperamental; steep it just five seconds over the prescribed four minutes and you were in for a bitter mouthful.

Sidamo, now… with floral and citrus undertones that lave your tongue with a taste ever so subtle, it sneaks up on you from behind and sandbags you upside the head.

I’m awake.

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